Do This Before Asking God To Change Others…

First become the vessel God needs you to be to receive His blessing.

In Due Time…Are You Ready To Receive It?

God is going to bless you, but you must become the vessel to receive that blessing.
Patience – Purposeful – Intentional

Building A Better Man

Many religions no longer feed the masculine soul of a man. Why? Because the shift toward single moms and grandparents raising their progeny has tilted the church’s focus toward our wonderful sisters.

It wasn’t their choice—it was our absence.

I Am Who You Say I Am: Are You Really?

Who cares? Let’s only  focus only on who God says we are.

24 Days of 31: How Could You

Having to explain what you did, why you did it and how it is that you now have peace because of what you did placed the relationship in a bind, but friendship reset the balance.

21 Days of 31: Candle in the Wind

Keeping our candle lit is the difference between cold extinguished and setting life ablaze. Like any candle, we first need a spark, and the oxygen to fuel the flame.