Unforgiveness: It’s Your Jailer

It’s sort of a pain prison where the ones we refuse to forgive are our jailers.

Sex In Marriage: Yes, How About You?

God’s plan for sexual fulfillment works… God wants you to enjoy sex in marriage and to have that enjoyment for the rest of your married life.

It Doesn’t Always Go The Way You Planned

And closure comes in life’s transitions… I chose to retire on August 28th because it had held such a devastating association over []

Time Marches On: Try Marching Against It

Does it ignite an action, or calm an anxiety over an impending appointment? Maybe, and most probably, it’s just a habit or a method of marking our progress throughout a day.

Jesus: Team Maker – Team Breaker

Part of being a good team maker, is also knowing when to make your break from the team. We get comfortable, and the members grow complacent resting on your image, efforts and activity.

The Quiet In The Cry Of Battle

Rak Chazak Amats is an ancient Hebrew war cry that inspires the faithful to be strong and courageous. To Press the fight no matter the foe, and without ever considering the possibility of defeat.

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