It Doesn’t Always Go The Way You Planned

And closure comes in life’s transitions… I chose to retire on August 28th because it had held such a devastating association over []

Policing & Personal Pain: Freedom for Healing from Your Past

Healing from your past is about gaining freedom from the things, people or events that have shackled you down and prevented you from knowing God’s glorious plans for your life.

Jesus: He Sees Us

Jesus: He Sees Us Imagine the woman with an issue of blood in a horde of people clamoring to see Jesus. She []

FIT@50 / week 22: Unmasked

expectation of going home and pretending like nothing special or horrific happened.

“PEOPLE I LOVE” Week – Day 5

Waverly Mercy and Healing This is the greatest love of all. The love God shows me. I have been obedient at times in my life and I have been downright rebellious in my life. God always loves me. Even when I walked away. In 2006 my son was born. The delivery came fast and complicated.  After a rushed surgery, a beautiful screaming baby boy arrived. He was perfect, and yet there was a sense of “what if” amongst the hospital staff. The next []