Methodist Church Makes Stand | Will It Fall?

What are your thoughts about this? Has the United Methodist Church messed up by not changing with the times to remain culturally relevant?

March Madness: Day 11 | Yep, It’s That Day…

I had this wonderfully introspective post ready for today. Leading up to my birthday, I like to use the time to reflect over the course of my life. But, as I began to write,

March Madness: Day 8 | Had I Only Known…

March Madness: Day 8 Had I only known… Have you ever been thrust into a situation and figured, what the heck? Well, []

March Madness: Day 6 | See what you married into…

I keep wondering if it’s a dream. I mean at almost 54 years old (March 11th,) it amazes me to be so blessed with family who love each other and loves me. 

March Madness: Day 4 | Some Days Are Diamonds

I was an empty vessel that was never going to be filled by Leah, no matter how much she poured into me. She knew that too, and this is where the beauty of a spouse comes to life.

March Madness: Day 1 | The Birthday Dash

March Madness: Day 1 It’s March! That used to mean a mad dash to accomplish everything manly before my birthday on the []