Equal Favor

Pursue out of love, not personal preference!

I’m Ready Now / But It’s After Midnight

I knew I needed to get back to training to make up for the snacking between Thanksgiving and the New Year. I was half, well, actually not very motivated at all.

I Am Who You Say I Am: Are You Really?

Who cares? Let’s only  focus only on who God says we are.

Power to the People (God’s People)

Power to the People (God’s People) I often wonder how many men who finally drop their hard exterior to accept the free []

21 Days of 31: Candle in the Wind

Keeping our candle lit is the difference between cold extinguished and setting life ablaze. Like any candle, we first need a spark, and the oxygen to fuel the flame.

15 Days of 31: The Cold, of Cold

I crawled out from between that downy sandwich and tugged on clothes. Almost out of spite, I was going to prove a point about fashion versus function. Well, I didn’t bother with my trusty one pair of denims as I hurried out with the girls.