2 Year Old TV Mover? Not Gonna Happen, Right?

It empowers you to be strong, hold your ground and never even consider the possibilities of defeat.

God Really Doesn’t Like It Lukewarm

God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called. 

Called Versus Transformed: Peter’s Life As A Modern Example Of Faith

God featured Peter for a purpose. I feel like the purpose was because so many of us guys go through similar called / transformed experiences.

Profiles In Personal Pain: Which One Are You and How Do You Manage It?

Do you booze it until you lose it, yet it’s worse than it began? Please understand that the substances used to fight addiction are not the problem. The problem is you’re using addictive substances to avoid healing from your pain.

When God’s Will Conflicts With Facebook Algorithms

With puffy eyes and no idea if the technology would work, we hit the “Start Streaming” button and BAM, we were live.It didn’t matter that we’d only had 2 hours of sleep, or that no one commented or even viewed the show. We were in God’s will.

Pray Like A Man: Warrior’s Life

Pray Like A Man: Warrior’s Life I love to pray. It’s my time to communicate with my Father. I start off in []