Equal Favor

Pursue out of love, not personal preference!

Taming Lions Or Running From Them?

Do you feel like Daniel in the lion’s den? If so, there is no fear of the beasts. God will protect you and bless you even in your darkest times.

In Due Time…Are You Ready To Receive It?

God is going to bless you, but you must become the vessel to receive that blessing.
Patience – Purposeful – Intentional

What Is God Trying To Say To You This Year?

What Is God Trying To Say To You This Year? Start the year out with purpose and intentionality in everything you do.

God’s Words For Your New Year: Purposeful and Intentional

Two words God gave me for 2019 are Purposeful and Intentional. You may grow tired of hearing them, but I know they were meant for you too.

Approaching The New Year Happily

The frenzy to make resolutions is more about traditions than realistic expectation to uphold the silent pledge just before the stroke of midnight.

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