Australian Review of Sabotage: Beginnings

Although this is book 3 in the Savage Souls MC series, it is actually a prequel which gives you a much needed insight to just who the Savage Souls is and what led him to become the cold calculating heartless leader of the outlaw MC.

Justice is his name….and believe me his brand of justice is swift, hard, and deadly….and as you will see in this book he has never had a choice to be otherwise, because to do so would mean death..for him and those who’s life depend on him.

This story takes place back when Justice was a covert CIA operative working to take out the extremely deadly and highly unstable military assassins that he had trained to go where no government or agency would ever acknowledge to do whatever it took to eliminate whoever the perceived enemy was.

This assignment is deep within enemy territory in the Middle East and pits him against the most deadly and unstable killer of all…Ben Ford aka: Grey Man

To complete this mission Justice has been teamed up with Batya, a former Massoud…and the woman he would love with his entire being!

This is no love story that even comes close to being romantic in the traditional sense, this is however a completely compelling and totally horrific assault on your senses as it draws the reader into its twisted and graphically violent world.

One that will leave you reeling, and wondering if you can read anymore, while knowing that you can’t stop, because you are now inside with these characters….and like them, you need to see it through to get out alive!

I won’t sugar coat it….this book is extremely graphic and violent, it will raise the hairs on your arms at times, it will make your spine tingle and your mouth go dry… will also make your heart ache and have you reaching for the tissues…you will be trapped on the scariest roller coaster of emotions and unable to get off!

You will question your sanity at times as you find yourself empathising with a serial killer….and when you are grateful for the level of violence dished out to others!
I warn you now, if you suffer from any PTSD this book could be a trigger for you…so be prepared!

The Author has a unique style of weaving a story that is filled with technical terminology (just enough to show the gravity of the situation, but not enough to baffle the uninitiated) suspense, violence and an all consuming love so fierce that both would die for the other…and we never doubt a second of it.

I thoroughly loved this book, both because it tells the much needed back story of Justice and because the skillful writing leads the reader through the battlefield while showing us how each character’s mind works, what makes them love the way they do…and why violence is as necessary as the air they breathe to stay alive.

It also shows us how and why a persons mind shuts down and reinvents itself to cope and survive, and it does that with both confronting scenarios and delicate subtlety at times….and that is a skill in itself.

Although this book could be read as a stand alone, I do recommend that it be read as a companion to the Savage Souls MC books: Broken (Savage Souls MC book 1) is free on Amazon. It is your choice in which order to read these books, although I did read book 1&2 first.

Author’s Note:

I really think this is the most accurate depiction of the work that I’ve read. Reviews are vital for helping potential readers of the work, and also for the authors. Deep and insightful thoughts such as this make improvement possible –

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I’m Confused


March 13, 2016
{This book was a bit much for me. I was unprepared for the car wreck scene. As a mother it was very hard to stomach. The sex scenes were nauseating and disturbing.
Though I am curious to see what happens and how everything ends I’m not sure I could handle reading the other books. I’ve read a lot of disturbing books but this one was a bit too disturbing for me. Which is saying a lot.
It’s not a bad story just too much for my personal taste. Writing was good just not my cup of tea. Only writing a review to warn anyone who is easily disturbed that this may not be the book for you.}

I’m Confused

The Savage Souls Series has received lots of reviews that mention the graphic and real nature of scenes in each book. Most also qualify by clarifying the scenes were well written and the violence and sex wasn’t gratuitous.

Because I knew the sensitive nature of this series and mostly because I’d spent my law enforcement career dealing with horrible scenarios, I added a warning in the product description of every book in the series.

Book Product Description

**Please note this book is dark and deals with adult themes. Recommended for

mature readers only**

Book Introduction

Giving readers a second bite of the warning apple, I added an Introduction to every book right smack in the front.

It’s pretty clear that each book is based on real-life experiences and gets pretty rough.


The Savage Souls Series is my first collection of works written entirely after my retirement from law enforcement in 2015. There is nothing held back, as it’s loosely based on experiences, people and impressions that struck and stuck with me over almost 26 years of doing the Job.

Having worked undercover for 12 years, and SWAT operations for 16 years, the collection of experiences were wonderful and horrific. This series reflects that. I’ve found it best to be forthcoming with friends before they begin the Savage Souls Series. It can get rough in there.

This isn’t horror sci-fi or autobiographical. It is a story about people and their realities, no matter how they come to live those realities— it’s theirs to live. Thanks – Scott

What’s A Writer To Do

I’m not complaining, and appreciate that someone took the time to post an opinion about my work.

I just think it’s odd to have read the work, including the warnings, and still walk away shocked at the content.

To be honest, reviews like this one often generate more interests from potential readers that the glowing 5 star reviews. It alerts others that contained inside the Savage Souls Series is a story like none other this person has ever read.

To elicit that strong of an emotion is actually a goal of the writer to begin with. So I’ll pat myself on the back with those disturbing scenes and all.

Third Chance

SABOTAGE: BEGINNINGS is out now and yes, there are some really graphic scenes and mature situations in this one too.

If you think you can stomach a little sex, violence, outlaws and undercovers, then this deep, dark plot is for you.

Sabotage 3d



What Lies At The Heart of Man

What Lies At The Heart of Man

Big Week

This week is a big week for me as I release Sabotage: Beginnings, a full-length novel in the Savage Souls Outlaw MC Series.

The story came quick, but the higher the intensity level of writing, the more complex and complicated the characters became. In an author’s world – they became real. Very real.

I’ve learned that’s the point when you slow down the writing, and it becomes an experience, more than an effort to craft a novel. The characters come to life and you find yourself becoming parts of who they are in as much as they manifest their creator.

Early Reviews

I invited a group of readers to review an unedited draft of Sabotage: Beginnings earlier in the year. I didn’t know them personally, so there was no bias or obligation to slant comments toward a positive light.

The feedback was critical in refining the story to ensure it met actionable items I felt needed to be included in the work. Their comments were encouraging and they’ve begun posting reviews at Goodreads and various vendor sites.

I invite you to check them out. Once you read Sabotage: Beginnings I’d ask that you too take a moment to leave an honest review. Reviews really do help the author’s chance for success and helps improve the writer’s skill.


Goodreads Review 1:
I was very lucky to receive an ARC of Sabotage. Firstly, let me just say that in my humble opinion – the book was epic! I have been chomping at the bit to read about how Justice became the man he is and LS Silverii certainly didn’t dissapoint.
The story starts with our hero (Justice Boudreaux) and heroine (Israeli Mossad covert operative and serious badass Batya Cohen) on a government mission out on the outskirts of Pakistan – the mission: to retrieve Ben Ford (aka Grayman). The author descriptions of the terrain and surroundings were brilliant and helped set the scene. I could picture the sight Batya and Justice would have looked from their travels, ravaged skin from the baking sun etc, it made the story ‘real’.
I loved Batya. She was the very definition of empowered woman. She is the best of the best in her work and deserved the respect of her partner. I thought the banter between her and Justice was funny, it just seemed effortless, like they were kindred. When things took a dark turn for her in Afghanistan, my heart bled for her.
Justice was just so layered from the devoted softness towards his wife and daughter to the strong Alpha set on completing his mission and later to defending his family. He was larger than life and not one to mess with in the SS Series, in the beginning however he was all that but with a side of boyish humour and a lot of love to give to Batya.
Gray man…. he was deliciously complex. I simultaneously found him scary, funny, warped, intriguing…. the list is endless. Is it wrong that I felt compassion for him? This book explains how Ben ended up the way he has, in fact in this tale he is still on the path to becoming what we have seen in the Savage Souls series. It certainly gives food for thought on what makes a cannibal serial killer tick! The story travelled a long way and gave us some insight into the International Chapter President of the Savage Souls MC and his nemesis. I can’t wait to see what LS has in store for us next!

Goodreads Review 2:

I was also lucky enough to receive an ARC copy of this book.

It took me a couple of chapters to get into the book – I found it a little dry setting the scene of Justice and Batya in the desert, but after chapter 3 it seemed to flow and move a lot quicker.

I HATED Justice in the Savage Souls series.
In fact I don’t think in all my reading I have hated a character as much. Could not stand him or what he did in the book and how he treated people. I just found him hateful….then I read Sabotage: Beginnings and well now I love his character and hate what he has been through. What he has been turned into because of what he has gone through.

He is a man that has gone through hell..more than once and come out the other side completely changed. This book is only the beginning of what he has gone through and what he will become.

I still think he is violent and hateful but I now know why he is like he is and that breaks my heart.

The connection he has with Batya is based on work ethic and ability to begin with – watching it develop makes you see Justice as human and not just a rogue CIA agent. The first real test of that connection is when you realise that that there is more to Justice than meets the eye.

Learning more about Ben and the CIA handlers and team behind Justice and Ben’s creation as such put Justice’s behaviour in an entirely different light. Ben is still really creepy and totally psychotic but very amusing.

All in all I loved the book. It really changed my perception of Justice not so much Fury and Sue but most definitely had me seeing Justice in another light.

Fantastic story and I am really looking forward to what the next book will bring and how it will meet up with Savage Souls. There seems to be a lot between then and now and I can’t wait to read how it unfolds….and if Scott can make me hate Justice again knowing his back story.

Goodreads Review 3:
Gritty and dynamic. To switch from the military/rebellious view of Justice to the psychotic serial killer Ben throughout the book definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Lots of details, to which I was grateful for since I’m not used to this genre.

Goodreads Review 4:
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I was lucky to have received an ARC of this read.

I read the Savage Souls series and loathed Justice. Just reading about him and his characteristic traits enraged me. Then I read Sabotage: Beginnings and my heart softened. To know this man was tortured as a child by the one man who should have shown him and taught him love and compassion. Then to see what a government he trusted and loved did to him after serving his country so selflessly and bravely was heart breaking and while it doesn’t cause me to like his actions in Savage Souls series it at least softens my opinion of his character.

More so than the characters themselves and even in knowing that this is a work of fiction, it also makes me wonder what we as ‘civilians’ really know about what goes on or rather the lack of knowledge we truly have.

And I cannot end this without mentioning ‘Gray Man’. I work with mentally ill patients and Silverii has this ability to put the reader into the mind of this very disturbed being. I think only a person with experience in dealing with this type of profile could pull this off.

The talent of this author to transport you into his book’s plot and settings are unbelievable. This is a must read for anyone who has a tough stomach and heart! Be prepared it will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.
Highly recommend reading the Savage Souls series first.

Savage Nation

To the Savage Nation faithful, I hope you’ll grab Sabotage: Beginnings right now.

To the uninitiated, I always offer the warning that this isn’t a typical MC romance. There’s plenty of hard-core reality with huge doses of clashes between strong characters who come to realize that black and white isn’t always so black and white.

If you’re new to the Savage Nation, I’d suggest you begin with the first book in the series, BROKEN – it’s FREE. Once you’re hooked, then pick up SAVAGE SOULS – The Complete Collection – It holds all five books in the initial series.

SF / FS,

Sabotage: Beginnings – Savage Souls MC Series Continues

Beginnings FB AD3

Sabotage:Beginnings – Savage Souls MC Series Continues

Why Sabotage: Beginnings?

Once I completed the five-part Savage Souls MC series there were more questions than answers. Characters who were meant to have B or C- roles took the top billings.

Other characters, like Gray Man didn’t exist until the entire story played out on my mind. He wouldn’t be denied a prominent role, and who was I to deny him?

Justice Boudreaux emerged as expected but arrived complex and with more back story than tattoos. Readers have expressed their love / hate relationship with the Savage Nation’s president.

Nothing exists without a beginning. Justice and Gray Man commanded fans on both sides of the highway. Each character was so uniquely distinct and disturbed that they deserved to have their story told.

The Savage Souls are similar to most outlaw motorcycle clubs, in that their past is tied directly to their current. The role these two characters played in each of the five-part series definitely shaped the OMC.

This is why I had an ache once I completed the fifth book, Redemption. Justice and Gray Man wanted their due. Sabotage: Beginnings was born as a full length novel.

Early Reviews on Sabotage

The advanced readers have returned consistent reviews teetering on disturbing and refreshing. I’m anxious to know what you think of the series. I’ve made book 1 in the MC series, BROKEN free.

You can grab it here from your prefered vendor. All I ask for the first in series freebie is that you leave an honest review and consider moving on throughout the entire series if you find BROKEN isn’t too rough in reality for your taste.

Alpha and Omega?

Yes, of course there has to be an opposite end. There are two very important characters who demand the final curtain. Hunted: The Final Chapter will be out January 03, 2017.

SF – FS,

Hunted final