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14 Days of 31: Put Product On It

This goes all the way back to the beginning – Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve lived in paradise, and that they were naked was of no shame. They had no secrets or need to put “product” on anything.

13 Days of 31: Eye Opener

13 Days of 31: Eye Opener Have you ever read something, and loved it so much that you came to know it []

11 Days of 31: The Ebb and Flow

One of my most beloved pastors, Ronnie Melancon once explained why we get so exhausted after attending worship service. There’s a spiritual drop off after the mountain top experience. It’s not a bad thing he said, because we need the time to refresh.

10 Days of 31: Going Too Far

10 Days of 31 Days: Going Too Far We’ve been allowing the puppy the freedom to roam throughout the house of late. []

Men, Sex & Marriage

Has sexual sin trapped you the darkness of pain, shame or regret? The light of Christ will set the captive free!!!

FIT@50: What’s Life Over 50 Like?

If you ever want to experience the confidence shattering sensation of having every single thing you say and do examined under a critical microscope and launched back at you with a poo-poo shooter, then give law enforcement a try for a day.