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Unforgiveness: It’s Your Jailer

It’s sort of a pain prison where the ones we refuse to forgive are our jailers.

Sun Tan & Son Can

Sun Tan & Son Can I don’t know why I do it every year. It’s not like I’m a teenager or college []

Not Our Battle To Fight: God Has Won The War

It’s easy and comfortable to stay self-contained with fellow believers, but that’s not what God called us to do. It’s also not my fight to engage this woman’s vile comments.

3 Greatest Needs In Life & Only One Place To Find Them

We cannot and will not ever be able to replace the role God intended to play. His LOVE is unending. His SECURITY is uncompromising. His SIGNIFICANCE is incomparable.

Wilderness Walk: Have You Run Out Of Graves?

Having an open hand with a closed heart gets you nothing but an empty palm. God didn’t lead them into the wilderness to die. He led them there so they might have eternal life.

Looking For Loopholes In The Bible?

Looking for Loopholes Just before his death in 1946, famous actor, comedian and alley cat, W. C. Fields was visited by a []