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Sowing Seeds Of Words That Matter

People are watching us. Mostly it’s our kids who will learn their first impressions of God by watching their dads. What seeds are we planting in the souls of those watching us?

Forget Sticks And Stones; Your Words Will Break You

When I was a kid with six siblings, I loved to fight, mock and tease all of them no matter how much older some were. My goal was to torment them until they attacked. I didn’t care about the outcome, but I did care about the battle.

Unity Is The Key To Community: Brick Breakers Men’s Ministry

Unity is the key for relationships. There is nothing we cannot accomplish when we come together as a body of believers.

De Nile is a River in Egypt: Are You A Captive?

Sometimes we find ourselves so mired down in the muck of denial, that even the most shining truth is missed. Then we dig down deep to dredge up some tired old excuse that we’ve used as a crutch time and time again.

The Warrior’s Marriage: Our 4 Deepest Needs

The Warrior’s Marriage: Our 4 Deepest Needs 1. Acceptance – “I am loved and accepted for who I am.” (Romans 8:35-39) • []

God Really Doesn’t Like It Lukewarm

God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.