Sabotage: Beginnings – Savage Souls MC Series Continues

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Sabotage:Beginnings – Savage Souls MC Series Continues

Why Sabotage: Beginnings?

Once I completed the five-part Savage Souls MC series there were more questions than answers. Characters who were meant to have B or C- roles took the top billings.

Other characters, like Gray Man didn’t exist until the entire story played out on my mind. He wouldn’t be denied a prominent role, and who was I to deny him?

Justice Boudreaux emerged as expected but arrived complex and with more back story than tattoos. Readers have expressed their love / hate relationship with the Savage Nation’s president.

Nothing exists without a beginning. Justice and Gray Man commanded fans on both sides of the highway. Each character was so uniquely distinct and disturbed that they deserved to have their story told.

The Savage Souls are similar to most outlaw motorcycle clubs, in that their past is tied directly to their current. The role these two characters played in each of the five-part series definitely shaped the OMC.

This is why I had an ache once I completed the fifth book, Redemption. Justice and Gray Man wanted their due. Sabotage: Beginnings was born as a full length novel.

Early Reviews on Sabotage

The advanced readers have returned consistent reviews teetering on disturbing and refreshing. I’m anxious to know what you think of the series. I’ve made book 1 in the MC series, BROKEN free.

You can grab it here from your prefered vendor. All I ask for the first in series freebie is that you leave an honest review and consider moving on throughout the entire series if you find BROKEN isn’t too rough in reality for your taste.

Alpha and Omega?

Yes, of course there has to be an opposite end. There are two very important characters who demand the final curtain. Hunted: The Final Chapter will be out January 03, 2017.

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