Discover Our “WHY” Week – Day 2 – A Rookie’s View from England

Like many of us do, we reach out over social media within our circles of interests to “meet” the best & brightest.I am fortunate enough to have become friends with a Brother in Blue and one of England’s newest rising coppers. Social Policing When asked by Chief Scott Silverii to write an entry for his blog, I did wonder for a while what I could write about that would be informative, interesting and insightful. After a little while longer, I realised I []

The “BLESSINGS” of Social Media

I wrote this post about a month ago after becoming connected with a wonderful young man in the UK – @JourneyJoshuas (#SuperJosh), and seeing that my friend and Brother in Blue JB held that simple sign reading “I Beat Cancer.” We posted his picture on our department page and was amazed that 96,000 people “liked” his healing and our prayer of praise for His healing mercy. I have since been accepted into the realm of supporters for this 12-year old wonder boy []