K-9 Interview | Readers’ Questions Answered #5

RHETT MATHEWS: Being a current handler myself, I always get the question, “Why do the dogs come from Europe? And are they already trained?”   LT. E. RODRIGUE: Breeding regulations are a lot stricter in Europe.  Some of these dogs have prior training, but may not be the training you’re looking for, so be very careful.  Some of the dogs come in with outstanding training and some with issues you may never resolve.  There are very dependable breeders and trainers in the []

K-9 Interview | Readers’ Questions Answered #4

CAROLINE CASH: How long do most dogs serve as a K9?   LT. E. RODRIGUE: Most dogs work to between eight and ten years of age, depending on their health.   SHERRY TROOP: What other breeds of dogs are used besides shepherds? Are some breeds better suited for the job or is it the personality of the particular dog?   LT. E. RODRIGUE: Belgium Malionois, Dutch Shepared, Labrador Retriever are some of your most popular.  I have seen some mixed breeds out []

K-9 Interview | Readers’ Questions Answered #3

SYLVIA E. BULL: Do you volunteer to be a K-9 officer? Do you get to pick the dog? What do you do with the dog during vacation? How long is the training?   LT. E. RODRIGUE: In our department you volunteer to be a K-9 Officer.  I pick most of the dogs and try to match them with the handler’s personality.  In our department when the handler goes on vacation I kennel the dogs in my kennel. When I go on vacation []

K-9 Interview | Readers’ Questions Answered #2

  ALEXANDER SIMPSON: I’ve heard that some officers have to pay for their dogs out of their own pocket. Is that true?   LT. EDDIE RODRIGUE: Yes it’s true. I have worked several of my own K-9’s. I donated my present K-9 Vic, so I would be allowed to work him.   Our department now buys green dogs for the other handlers and I complete the initial training to save the department the price of a fully trained dog. Our department pays $5,500.00 []

K-9 Interview | Readers’ Questions Answered #1

  K-9 QUESTION SHERRY TROOP “I saw recently on TV that dogs trained to sniff bombs in Afghanistan are now being used for the same job in Washington D.C. (The dog featured is 4years old). Is it difficult for both the dog & it’s handler to separate from each after working as partners for so long? I would think they would bond closely. Which gender is best suited?”   LT. E RODRIGUE “I find it very hard to separate once you have a []