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Marriage Matters: Do Something For Yours With Our At-Home Small Group

Marriage On The Rock LIVE Leah and I have led marriage groups in our home for years. We’ve seen relationships healed, restored []

I Stood Up In Church And It Didn’t Suck

I looked at Leah and she gave me that neutral expression that said, “I’m with you either way.”

23 Days of 31: You Can Fix That

Everyone has hurt in their life. I mean, how can you not. This doesn’t mean everyone was abused or abandoned, or suffered through childhood. Maybe it was the loss of a parent or child, or divorce.

13 Days of 31: Eye Opener

13 Days of 31: Eye Opener Have you ever read something, and loved it so much that you came to know it []

6 Days of 31 Days: Made For Relationships

I never knew the depths of true brotherhood until connecting on a spiritual level that had nothing to do with your rank or how many arrests you made. 

2 of 31 Days: Running From God’s Friend

He showed me to pursue friendships instead of expecting them because of my position and what others I could do for me. I had been a consumer of relationships instead of a giver of my time and attention.

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