Chief Scott Silverii’s Last Day & Final Message – I’m Taking The Sign

I want to say Thank You for these last years as Chief of Police. They’ve been an amazing experience, and while times were trying, most were rewarding.

It’s a tough job. but one I’ll cherish for the rest of my days.

We’ve always made great use of social media’s power and my last official act was another fun opportunity to speak with the city that made serving them a joy.

Do Good,


Chief Scott Silverii’s Last Day & Final Message – I’m Taking The Sign

FIT@50 / week 24

FIT@50 / week 24
It’s A Date:

When I chose today as my retirement date, I never considered the historical significance it shared with another event that forever changed my life and worldview – Hurricane Katrina.

Today’s the day I leave the one job I’ve had my entire adult life. I will miss so many things about it. Mostly, I’ll miss leaving an anchor, that despite unbelievably chaotic and risky times, also served to center and shape who I am.

How will I feel at 5:01pm today? I have no idea. How did I feel at 5:01pm ten years ago? I felt like I do right now – that no matter what circumstances may come, I’m completely prepared to handle the mission. Not because of my ability, but because of my faith.

Ten years ago, as the worst natural disaster raged against my Gulf of Mexico boarded parish, I was assigned to command emergency preparedness. Neither bags of ice nor evacuees moved without my sending the okay.

It was the most horrible, yet fulfilling time of my life. Where better to be, than in the eye of Hurricane Katrina? Ground zero for rescue and recovery became all I knew for months.

The weeks in New Orleans’ metro area leading our SWAT unit showed me less about bravado, and all about compassion. I witnessed hardened men – modern day warriors, sling their machine guns to carry children, pets or the elderly. We bonded together against the federal bureaucracy to do what was right over what was regulated. We made life changing decisions during life ending encounters, but alway with life-saving hopes.

It was hell on earth, but what better place to be to have your faith tested by fire? It’s never further away than a thought or a comment, but nothing comes easy right? This and the thousands of crisis encounters during a single career are why we do the job. They’re also why we hurt. Why some crack. Why some cease to exist.

It’s ironic sitting here typing today’s fit report as Liliana Hart​ is next to me working on her own projects. She couldn’t ever imagine what that was like. But as someone I love, I never have and never will tell her what it was like or what we went through. Some experiences can be seen in the faces of those who endured – no words needed.

I’d like you to watch this video put together by a dear friend of mine, Rachelle Hitt Bilbo. This was created during the week Katrina slammed us. It’s what I’ve learned and always tried to practice throughout my career and life – human compassion.

Maybe I’ll check in after 5:01pm to tell you what it feels like. Chances are my feelings won’t become clear for some time, but what I do know is that the first moments in my new life will be spent with my family.

Do Good,

FIT@50 / week 24

WWYD – Shotgun

WWYD – Shotgun

You’re sitting in traffic along the highway behind a traffic stop. You watch the driver pull out a shotgun and shoot the officer. He stalks the scene.

What Would You Do

NOTE: This very thing happened over the weekend to one of our Louisiana State Troopers. Please keep him in prayer

Open Q&A For Writers on Police Procedurals With Chief Scott Silverii


Open Q&A For Writers on Police Procedurals With Chief Scott Silverii, Ph.D. at SilverHart

Hi All,
It’s another rainy weekend down in Cajun Country. Watching the latest hurricane threat diminish, and honestly, found myself with free time since the cycling got nixed by the storm.
Lets try a Q&A:
Got Police Procedural Questions or basic Cops stuff you want to know, fire away at SilverHart

Does It Count?

If you visit with someone in your dream and it is so real that you see, smell, feel, hear and sense everything as if you were awake, does that count as visiting with them?

I’m not talking about outlandish, sci-fi, or other world experiences. I mean with people. Often I’ll meet someone and we hit it off like old friends. After a few quick comments, we begin to share testimonies in a natural flow of conversation. I always believe the Holy Spirit brings believers together.

If we can sense those transcendental connections in person, why couldn’t we experience in the subconscious or dream state?

Does It Count?

FIT@50 / week 23

FIT@50 / week 23
Less than half:

Becoming fit often requires sacrifice. Be it food, ice cream, cake (yes, I went there), and often the bed.

Hold on, this ain’t frisky talk. It’s about years focused on accumulation.

Once I got fit, gathering meant less.

The bed is a regular reminder. My kiddo still comes to sleep in the big bed on occasion.

After five minutes, he has twisted and twirled and torqued until I’m on the very edge.

Sleep may go interrupted until a hazy morning’s awakening, but then it happens.

He hugs me and says, “I love you.”

Less than half – sacrifices all become worth it.

Do good,

Savage Souls Outlaw Biker Series





Savage Souls Outlaw Motorcycle Club

The Savage Souls Series is the latest from author LS Silverii. The five-part series chronicles an outlaw motorcycle club (OMC) to tell the story of innocence lost and redemption gained.

National club president, Justice Boudreaux might be a CIA trained special operations asset, but Abigail Black is more than your typical OMC old lady. Wildcard, James St. John has no one’s best interest at heart, or does he?

The Boudreaux brothers, Fury, Mercy, Sue, Justice, Rage and Vengeance were all combat veterans having served in each branch of the military.

Originally from the swamps of Cajun Country’s, Turtle Bayou, Louisiana, the brothers reunited in Mystic, Colorado to seize control of the Savage Soul OMC. Seems like the family that rides together, stays together.

Not quite–middle brother, Lawless is a highly decorated law enforcement agent. Not only does he skip the family get togethers, but he’s sworn to bring each and every one of his siblings to account for their outlaw lifestyle.

Product Warning:

**Please note these books are dark romance and deals with adult themes. Recommended for mature readers only**

All Books in the Series are on Pre-Sale until October 6, 2015 – Don’t wait to get all Five of Yours Today.


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