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Getting Focused

Masculinity is not toxic and neither is having your own opinion as long as both are grounded in God’s Word. We’re going to talk to men and women about anything we want to, and it will always be told in truth and love. What would you like to discuss?

Getting Started

We’re just getting started with podcasting, but it is something I’ve wanted to do to share interviews with the 250,000 people across my social media platforms. I love meeting people. Their stories are fascinating and always offer nuggets of wisdom, humor or at least a chance to get to know someone new.

I wanted to share our very first episode. It was fun and I had an incredible guest. Of course, we did the show in our backyard because because he happens to live there too! Sorry, but your interview will be remote!

Getting Guests

Talking to people from every walk of life make for the best guests. Folks happy to share the best and worst of life are who I really want to interview. There’s nothing formal or structured. If you have a testimony, book, website or great idea for the show, I’d love to talk with you.

Interviews are recorded on Zoom and as a general rule last around 30 to 45 minutes, but far be it from me to stop a great conversation. The video interview of True Grit will be shared across all of my social media platforms that host over 250,000 engaged folks. An MP3 (audio only) will be created and shared across my newly listed podcast distributors.

Interviews are voluntary and I’ll amplify your message across my platforms in a regular schedule of posts and promotions. I’ll appreciate if you’d do the same by sharing the show links I’ll send to you once the edited version is posted. This is the truly social part of media! Current Podcast channels:

Pandora – iTunes – Spotify – Anchor – Breaker – Google – Public Radio – Pocket Casts – RSS Feed

Getting Going

If you’re interested, contact me through the box below and I’ll quickly be in touch.

I’m looking forward to having a great conversation with you,


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