FIT@50: Two Pounds

FIT@50: Two Pounds This week I was watching the boys out back as they discovered a pile of Leah’s padded dumbbells. They []

I’ll Pass: Pouring Our Kids In A Limited Mold

Sure, we lay the foundations in their lives, but to live out our life through them isn’t them being them.

FIT@50 / week 67

FIT@50 / week 67 Just Do It:   I can tell you that the last place you would have found me on a Thursday night is the opera house. Yet, guess where I spent Thursday night? Yep, downtown Dallas at an opera house.   Liliana Hart and I do lots of things for and because of each other. We’re a team, and it’s what we do. But when it comes to finding something that five very different kids agree on, she and []

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