FIT@50 / week 67

FIT@50 / week 67
Just Do It:
I can tell you that the last place you would have found me on a Thursday night is the opera house. Yet, guess where I spent Thursday night? Yep, downtown Dallas at an opera house.
Liliana Hart and I do lots of things for and because of each other. We’re a team, and it’s what we do. But when it comes to finding something that five very different kids agree on, she and I have learned to just do it.
So when she nudged me and the boys off of the pergola following our summer Insanity workout session to shower for the opera, I was a little less than enthused.
Max had a walking boot on after a not-so-well thought out jump from atop an eight-foot stone wall that surrounds our property. The going was like molasses through the snazzy crowd of cocktail and wine drinkers.
Perched up in our fancy opera seats so the girls and Liliana Hart could absorb the spectacle of what was Beauty and the Beast, the boys and I intermixed distractions, snacks and interests.
I really didn’t want to be there. Really, I didn’t.
Then I snapped this pick of who I thought were my accomplices in malcontent. Their expressions showed me what I suspected all along. That it really didn’t matter what the whole of our family did, as long as we did it together.
So, I’m even more convinced that whether it’s the opera, the beach or the kids singing show tunes, it’s best to just do it. And to be honest, it wasn’t half bad.
Do Good,
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