Jesus Needed His Space. So Do We

Jesus Needed His Space. So Do We The middle of September found me busier than the last six months, but just as []

Father’s Day Can Be A Tough One

As a matter of fact, Father’s Day is an annual reminder of the distant and dysfunctional connection I had with my own dad.

I Am Who You Say I Am: Are You Really?

Who cares? Let’s only  focus only on who God says we are.

23 Days of 31: You Can Fix That

Everyone has hurt in their life. I mean, how can you not. This doesn’t mean everyone was abused or abandoned, or suffered through childhood. Maybe it was the loss of a parent or child, or divorce.

Breaking The Chains Of Past Pain | Five Stones

“I stopped living the same year over and over again, and started taking control of my life by using the very truths I’m sharing with you.” Dr. Scott Silverii for Five Stones University.

Men, Sex & Marriage

Has sexual sin trapped you the darkness of pain, shame or regret? The light of Christ will set the captive free!!!