Firemen | Because Cops Need Heros Too

In honor of the 2014 Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department’s world-famous “Fireman’s Fair,” I want to take this weekend to say THANK YOU!

What do you get when mix Red and Blue? In Thibodaux, Louisiana you get a great group of committed public servants working together to protect the lives and properties of our citizens and visitors. This week is yours TVFD!


The History

The town of Thibodaux purchased equipment on April 3, 1843, consisting of 150 feet of hose and a dozen leather buckets to provide fire protection for its citizens. At this time the Thibodaux Fire Company No. 1 was officially organized.



McAllister Fire Company No. 2

In 1850 the McAllister Fire Company No. 2 was formed, named after Thibodaux’s first mayor James McAllister. On July 6, 1852, a hand-operated pumper was purchased for $1200. The new pumper arrived in Thibodaux the following year on April 30, 1853. The McAllister Fire Company No. 2 was given charge of the new pumper.



Thibodaux Fire Company No. 1

On June 10, 1858, the Thibodaux Fire Company No. 1 and the McAllister Fire Company No. 2 combined to form one fire company. On August 5, 1859 the town of Thibodaux accepted the constitution and by-laws of the combined fire companies and was named the Thibodaux Fire Company No. 1.

The members of the Thibodaux Fire Company No.1 choose “Always Ready” as their motto. The Thibodaux Fire Company No. 1 has been active since its beginning except for a few years during the Civil War.

To Read more about our proud tradition of fire service; Click this link – History :Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Dept.


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