Game Changers


Game Changers:

What happened on April 20, 1999? Law enforcement may not recall the date, but we know the outcome. It’s when our patient world of Contain, Control & De-escalate shifted to a pursuing response of Active Shooters. Overnight, SWAT took a back seat to the Patrol Officer, as rapid response required immediate deployment to neutralize the threat.

The nation was so shocked following the Columbine High School massacre that no one seemed to mind the tactical and equipment shift to better arm first responding beat cops for confronting weapon wielding madmen.

What a difference the world of policing has experienced from Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook.

Not only has the political climate tugged the rug from under our collective battered police boots, but the cultural tenor begs we lay down our arms. Or at least keep them holstered until a video review can be debated over social media.

Global terror has landed square in the lap of the good old red, white and blue. Our fighting military forces, God bless them are the best on this planet, but this is not their battle.

Had every Navy SEAL been stationed just 110 miles south at Coronado, there’s still no way they could’ve activated to respond to the Inland Regional Center. The United States military’s function is not to provide domestic, civil law enforcement services.

Local Cops

It’s the beat officer writing the citation a few blocks away and the motor cop working the car crash at the intersection that will drop everything to respond.

In San Bernardino, as in Columbine, local law enforcement were the first responders during the period of crisis. Even our brothers and sisters in the federal alphabet soup of law enforcement are post-incident response at best.

A 2013 FBI report stated there was 1 active shooter incident every 3 weeks. Who responded? The same local cops still taking criticisms from video voyeurs running in the opposite direct of the danger.

Big Blue, you’ve got a choice to make. On top of everything else heaped on your backs, have you got the legs to carry the hometown battles to terrorists?

We’ll be asked in a few months what happened on December 02, 2015. Most will scratch their heads. But we’ll know. It’s the day the game changed.

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  1. In Colorado Springs a week and a half ago, a university officer was killed, responding to an active shooting. A young pastor with two children, he went in to aid fellow officers injured by the shooter and people trapped in the building. Reporters expected his funeral to draw a crowd, for the procession to the grave site to be several miles long. Instead thousands filled the mega-church and lined the route. They stood for hours to honor him, but not only him. The official vehicles of first responders behind the hearse stretched twenty miles through the city, and no one left their silent vigil until that entire line passed by. We can’t expect perfection. Cops will make mistakes. But where would we be without their courage and sacrifice?

    • Hi Kristen,

      I read about that. It’s heart breaking. Police funerals are stark reminders of what we’re willing to sacrifice to save another – our live. I know you already know where I’m heading –
      Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends – John 15:13

      Thank you my dear friend.

  2. A friend of mine pointed out earlier that the government has been responding to the attacks with, “Lay down you’re arms, trust us, we’ll protect you”… I commented, “Ironically they’re telling the police, at the same time, you better not protect them”. These are spooky times indeed. I’m thinking of the knife wielding kid in Chicago. As I watched the video, I wondered of you caught the flick of the wrist. Did you?

    • There’s a reason the old adage, “We’re from the government. We’re here to help” remains a farce. I see their goal of consuming local law enforcement under a controlling umbrella of federal influence. It would be as effective as when they federalized TSA to protect air travel.
      Definitely interesting times

      • I’m hoping that’s very temporary. I’m hoping the forcible takeover becomes a national issue once the circus settles on Mrs. Clinton’s challenger. That it happened at all is, as we say in the Midwest, bat-$#!+ crazy.

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