FIT@50 / week 71

FIT@50 / week 71
The Bags:
Liliana Hart and I have blissfully caved at home this week. Although we worked while we travelled, there’s nothing like grabbing a spot in the house and hammering away until the tasks are done.
Forget TGIF, we experienced IFA – It’s Friday Already!!!
I have to admit it was different being home. Last time we were in the house it was full of kids, playing outside and nightly BBQs with meals on the patio. While we both enjoy the quiet, I think we missed the rowdy ruckus.
Along with playing catch up, our suitcases and clothes remain on the floor from our European adventure. We lived out of them for almost three weeks, why not a few more – right?
If you’d look through the window and see a mountain, you would be correct – it’s called our mail. In that mail are several slips of paper from UPS asking, begging, pleading for us to claim packages.
Do you remember what was in those packages?
Yes, our dirty clothes. Liliana wasn’t in too big of a hurry to claim those bags. Of course we figured we could wait until the kids came back and continue their life skills training. Or as some people call it – making them wash the clothes.
But, in a flash of awareness she changed her motivation towards claiming our bags. Why I asked. Because she has about $2,000 worth of shoes in one of them. And to think I only placed $100 worth of insurance on the shipment – just don’t tell her.
So if you happen to spot us slipping through Dallas looking slightly suspicious and embarrassed, it’s because we’d already claimed our batch of dirty clothes and her crazy fancy collection of expensive shoes.
Good news is, the kids will be back about the same time we crack open the bags with three weeks worth of dirty clothes that have been stuffed into bags and shipped halfway around the world.
Hey, it’s either that or they wash my motorcycle and mow the lawn at noon in this Texas summer. Life choices that children don’t get to chose are always the best to make for them.
Do Good,
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