15 Days of 31: The Cold, of Cold

15 Days of 31: The Cold, of Cold

Leah loves her clothes. The fancier the better. I’ve worn the same pair of blue jeans for the last 3 years. She takes pride in dressing for the occasion. I’m, proud the The Gorilla Glue Company held my loafers together for another week.

Gray Days

Last night she said it was going to be around 40 degrees and raining in the morning. We each head in different directions to bring the kids to their schools, but she wakes up and leaves about 5 minutes before I do.
This morning, it was noticeably colder in the bedroom. And not because I’d said something crazy to set her off. Again!! She bent over to kiss me goodbye, and I peeked from beneath the big, heavy comforter I stretched up to kiss her.
Instead, I started to laugh. This lady looked like a Northface advertisement. And to top it off, she was wearing my favorite, admittedly only, knit wool cap.


“What in the world are you wearing?” I mumbled.
“It’s cold out,” she chuckled, and disappeared.
I guess I lingered back into a light snooze until the 16-year-old texted to ask if I was ready. Yeah, of course I am.
I crawled out from between that downy sandwich and tugged on clothes. Almost out of spite, I was going to prove a point about fashion versus function. Well, I didn’t bother with my trusty one pair of denims as I hurried out with the girls.

Facing Reality

I’m not sure if it was the whipping winds, or the driving rains or the 40 degree frost, or being 53 years old and less tolerant of the weather. But I shivered from the time I locked the door until I returned to deactivate the alarm.
I was cold, mad and in no way going to tell her she was right. So what did I do before she got back home? I tried to put the dog outside. Sure, he was also smart enough to avoid it, so I decided to give in and admit she was right.

Sunny Days

Now, I like to look for victories where I can. Even though I suffered in shivers, I’m happy to share that my one pair of jeans remained closet dry and safe in what may be their very last days of wear.
Guess what I’m wearing for tomorrow’s drive?
Do Good,

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