Demonic Deliverance Cast Satan Out In Jesus’ Name: Unlocking Spiritual Freedom: (Podcast)


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Transcript –

Barna research we talk a lot about Barna and they’re the gold standard they do the

the academic studies on Christian culture and the Christian religion do you know that 58 of Christians these

are Christians that 58 do not believe the holy spirit

is real 58 of Christians they think it’s some image or some

Shadow God or something like that you know that 39 believe Jesus while he was

on Earth that he sinned 39 percent

believe that Jesus that is Divinity is not real you know I want to tell you in Special

Operations and warfare and sabotage that the greatest weapon that the enemy

has is when you don’t believe they exist would you agree

you know that 81 percent of Christians do not think that Satan’s real

these are Christians 81 of Christians do not believe that

Satan is real I believe most of us can attest that he

is and if we don’t think that he is it’s because we don’t understand who he is

this is what the gospel of Mark is teaching us is showing us he’s revealing

the enemy and who he is what his game plan was and how to defeat him

because he’s already been beat he just refused to give up the one thing that the Lord put on my

heart today as we continue through the gospel of Mark is he wants you to come out from your tombs and find Freedom

through Deliverance in Jesus Christ you know your mind traps you in the past

where the dead things rot the god of the living wants to free you

from the bondage and I’m going to ask you as we go through this message we’re going to talk a lot about Deliverance

and I want you to a lot of times we get because it’s so popular and there’s movies and there’s podcasts and we’re

thinking of like vomiting and this and that like I want you to get that out of your mind for today yeah there are

times of physical manifestations in Deliverance but I just I want you to

get rid of any preconceived notions let’s bring it back to the gospel let’s

bring it back to the word of the Lord I don’t want you to miss what God’s saying

because we get wrapped up in what the world says so let’s stand together as the body and

let’s read that word from the Lord and see what God says and we’re going to

read together as the body comes from Mark 5 1 5 and we’ll read together demon-possessed man healed and together

then they came to the other side of the sea to the country of gardenas and when

he had come out of the boat immediately there met him out of the tombs a man

with an unclean Spirit who had his dwelling among the tombs and no one

could bind him not even with chains because he had often been bound with

shackles and chains and the chains had been pulled apart by him and the

shackles broken in pieces neither could anyone tame him always night and day he

was in the mountains and in the tombs crying out and cutting himself with stones

that’s a good word I want you to think about this for a minute you know we’re going to be in

mark 5. and it says and then they came over to the other side you know remember last

week we talked about when Jesus calmed the storm when Jesus said let’s go to the other side remember it’s 13 men and

a 26 foot boat seven and a half feet wide built for four on the Sea of Galilee late at night

and all of a sudden the storm arose not just any storm a demonic fueled satanic storm remember

I told you the word epibalo in the Greek it means to throw to heave to cast

Satan himself was picking up heaps of water and throwing it at the boat remember it said a storm arose those

waves that squall remember a Squall minimum 60 mile an

hour winds hurricane minimum of 74 miles an hour out of nowhere winds up to 74

miles an hour Came Upon This boat this was simply Satan trying to stop

Jesus from getting to the other side why because Jesus’s biggest Miracle to

date was waiting on the other side Satan had to stop him

you know in Mark 4 39 when Jesus tells he says and then he arose and rebuked

the wind and said to the Sea peace be still and the wind ceased and there was great calm remember when Jesus was in

the synagogue his first trip into the church after he’d been baptized and dwelled with the Holy Spirit his father

affirmed him the spirit brought him into the Wilderness for 40 days Satan tempted him he rebuked him and then he goes into

a church a church and the first person he encounters is a demon-possessed man

what did he tell the man the same thing he told the wind be muzzled shut up and

get out it’s the same demon the same solution Jesus the word of the Lord you know what

you know you got the word of the Lord you’ve got the same power God delivered

you through salvation to deliver others he didn’t save you to sit you

he didn’t save you to sit you God has called us to work it out

you know our deliverance when you look at these disciples and we’re going back to last week when

they’re coming across Jesus calmed the sea you see Jesus rebuked the wind because

because the disciples thought they had a wave problem they had a wind problem you see they had

an invisible entity in the wind which was Satan but the guys are looking

at the symptom not the source

what I want to tell you is that in your process of Deliverance

you still got to work it out even after Jesus calmed the sea those

Brothers had to row him the rest of the way in your deliverance

you’ve got to work it through to the other side so many times we will receive

Deliverance it could be from bad behavior or serious suppression and

then we think oh cool I’m cool no I’m good y’all I’m good because I like I

vomited in a little bucket and my head stopped spinning and I’m good

but let me tell you that’s not where it ends that’s not where your deliverance sins

you got to see it through to the other side like I want you to picture Jesus

and the disciples and it’s late at night and they’ve just arrived in gadera on

the rocky shores and their clothes are soaking wet with Salty Sea Water their

sandals are so saturated and the grit and the sand it’s got to be like sandpaper on their feet

and look Jesus he still ain’t got no sleep the one time we talk about the

gospel share that he got some sleep and those Brothers woke him up

it was late at night when they arrived on the other side in the capitalist which was the confederation of 10

different cities you know this area was a mostly it was a gentile region it was more uh Greek than Jew

and we’re going to get to when he cast out the legion the six thousand demons and he goes into a herd of swine

and you’re like I thought Jews couldn’t be around that they can’t but the Gentiles can

see they go into a mostly Gentile area you know it’s called in Matthew his account Matthew says it’s a perilous

place it’s not like today’s Marina they didn’t go to a Marina and they didn’t pull up

at a little dock and a little waiter come out there with some margaritas they are in a perilous place

you know the Greek word for perilous it describes an animal that is vicious ferocious uncontrollable unpredictable

and dangerous like this is where Jesus went to the

other side he didn’t go to get away from something he went to get into something

something perilous Mark 5 2 says and when he had come out

of the boat immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean Spirit have

you ever stepped out of a boat I mean like a little boat like he’s trying to get out and you get

halfway in and halfway out and we always wind up in the water like picture what they’ve just been through

like Jesus was physically off center but always spiritually grounded

always spiritually grounded what I want to tell you is you got to be ready in All Seasons like Jesus walks in to a

church like this is my dad’s house and he’s met with a demon

he’s in a boat and he’s confronted by Satan they get to the other side and

immediately a man confronts him demonically possessed Jesus think about

just the man the physical man of Jesus he hadn’t slept this brother hadn’t

caught a break he’s trying to get out of a boat and immediately it

says this man is on him he’s on him but did Jesus did it did it

shake him no I’ve heard from people that they’ve been in grocery stores and they go to pray

with somebody and the person begins to growl at them was they were they caught off guard no they were not they were

prepared in All Seasons I want to tell you that second Timothy 4 2 tells us it says preach the word

preach the word and I’m talking to everybody here preach the word be ready in season and out of

season convince rebuke exhort with all long-suffering and teaching

Jesus didn’t save you to sit you he didn’t save you to sit you like April

said can we take our salvation and put a little card in our pocket and go back to living under the radar living in

sickness and poverty and depression and oppression you can

and when you die will you go to heaven you will but it’s a choice you make from the time

of Salvation to the time your days expire here is how you want to live and

I will ask you to be ready in all seasons like Jesus shifted from one environment

to another and he was immediately confronted by a demon like don’t let

that throw you so often we’re going to be like well you know like this marriage ain’t working

out I’m gonna go give me another one and it ain’t gonna work out

because the devil is going to attack you in transition I lost my job I’m looking for another

job all of a sudden things are going bad I was out of church and I got offended so

I’m gonna go to another church and guess what Ain’t Nothing Gonna Change Satan is waiting for you to move into

transition to attack you got to be ready how are you ready

you see spiritual warfare has no rules you know I always laugh and I’d laugh it wasn’t funny but it was real when I was

a cop and people like why you don’t just beat them up because we had rules

we had the law the bad guys were fighting they don’t got none of that

the devil don’t like I said that’s my occasion I’m sorry the devil don’t got none of that he’s not playing by the

rules he’s only here to kill steal and destroy you know but what do we have Ephesians 6

tells us we got the whole armor of God it says finally my brethren be strong in

the Lord and in the power of His might put on the whole armor of God and I want

to emphasize the whole armor of God you have got to put on the whole armor

of God that you may be able to stand against The Wiles of the devil I want to remind

you the word Wiles is from the Greek it’s two words it’s methodoxo and it means one way one road One path The

Wiles of the devil the devil has one road one way One path and it’s into your

mind it’s the only trick he’s got it’s the one pony he rides

is to attack your mind for we listen you’re like are you sure it’s my mind because my body’s feeling kind of funky

let me tell you for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood we do not wrestle against flesh and

blood if you’re fighting a spiritual battle and you think it’s flesh and blood

you’re fighting the wrong battle you’re fighting yourself but against principalities against

Powers against rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the Heavenly places I’ve

shared it before last time we’re going through the book of Ephesians it says against he names these four militaristic

rank structures he doesn’t just lump them all in together they are four very distinct levels of demons

the principalities that goes back to the old that goes back to the very beginning that goes back to before

creation the devil is militaristic and this is who you’re fighting therefore take up

the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day

having done all to stand remember the beauty of spiritual warfare and the hard

thing of spiritual warfare is all God wants you to do is this now y’all watch

did y’all get that this is what God’s asking you to do watch

who can do that who can do that but what we do is we toil and we fret

and we got to do something listen this is all you got to do to win your War

stand withstand The Wiles of the enemy I want

you to win your War knowing Satan’s battle plan is important

we’ve talked about it before and it’s a revelation the lord gave it I want to give it again if an NFL team knows the defense knows

what the offense is going to run they win every time God gave us

the battle plan it comes from Luke 4 13. this is when Jesus Is 40 days he’s being

tempted he’s being tempted by the devil Luke 4 13 says now when the devil had

ended every Temptation he departed from him until an opportune time what I want

you to look at it says every Temptation not some Temptation most temptation

every temptation Satan’s got three tricks and then he’s

out of ammo he’s run dry what I want to share with you is the way

Satan attacks you is through provision is through Power and through protection

when he was tempting Jesus and belief Jesus was tempted because if he was not tempted God’s word would not have said

he was tempted but these are the three temptations that he gave to Jesus over those 40 days

he questioned God’s ability to provide provision maybe God’s telling you you’re

going to be poor you know you’ve always been poor your grandpa’s poor your great grandpa was poor and you’re going to be

poor and guess what you your kids are going to be poor you see this is what the devil’s telling you that there’s no

breaking the cycle of poverty or addiction or divorce

that’s a lie power Satan says I’ll give you all the kingdoms of the Earth all you got to do

you got to just Bow Down and Worship me just a little bit do you know what Worship in the Greek it means you lay on

your face and you kiss the hand Satan never tempted you just to worship

him a little bit just a little porn just turn that text back to the person from the gym

no that’s a lie protection Satan hop off the roof

I mean if God’s Gods God’s going to get you see that’s a lie

when Satan’s trying to move you into an atmosphere that the Lord’s not ordained or the Lord’s not Anointed The Lord’s

not covered you’re operating in the lives of Satan you see people we have our four deepest needs our love security

significance and purpose only God can provide those needs

Satan will make you believe number one God can’t do it and Satan will tell you that only he can

I want to tell you he’s a liar he’s not just a liar he’s the father of Lies you

see what Jesus did with every one of those attacks is he defeated him with what the word of the Lord

you know what you have you got those same words you got the same words you know Mark 5 2

says uh we’re still in there it says immediately they’re met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean Spirit who

had his dwelling amongst the tombs you see what’s important to understand is that this man is possessed he’s not

oppressed the reason he is possessed is because Jesus had not been crucified had

not resurrected uh ascended and then sent the Holy Spirit to and dwellers so this man he’s just an open vessel

he is possessed I want to tell you that if you don’t have Jesus Christ as your

lord and savior you’re not indwelled by the Holy Spirit you’re just an empty vessel you’re not even dealing with

oppression you’re dealing with straight up possession everyone that’s not received Jesus

Christ their lord and savior they’re empty vessels they’re hosts you see demons are people

they’re people without a body they’re looking for a host and we’re going to walk through this in a bit if you don’t

have the Holy Spirit in there to stop him at the door like a bouncer at a club nope full go down the road

he’s in this brother is possessed

but you know what even though he’s possessed by the devil actually 6 000

Legion could lead up to 6 000 in the Roman military he’s still able to make choices

he’s still able to make choices what I want to tell you is if you’re under demonic oppression like don’t mistake

being able to function daily with not needing Deliverance

you see if you know well you know my demons I hear people oh my demons My Demons those are familiar demons you see

you get to be friends with demons I’ll tell you what a lot of times when I was an investigator and we were

investigating like say like child abuse cases and maybe there was a family member or somebody in the house and they

would go in the room in the kids room and then they would do something horrible to the kid and then they would come out and they would close the door

and then the kid would scream hell and guess who would walk back in that door

the victimizer now they became The Rescuer you see that’s a wicked trick by

the demon you know what devil does he does same thing he does the same thing I want to

tell you single people I’m just giving you an example how this works how I don’t want you to get familiar

with familiar demons I don’t want you to feel well it’s just a little it’s just a little addiction it’s just a little porn

you know just a little depression you see as an example for single folks and I’ve shared this with single folks

like you enjoy getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex I like it

I’m dressed I look good I’m at the club I always talk about the club like everyone to the club like I’ve never

been to the club I don’t even know if there is a club uh but you know you enjoy being physical right I mean this

this oh compliments and then you become physically active and but let me tell you what you have it’s a spirit of

perversion it’s a spirit of sexual perversion but you see you may not want to be

delivered from that because you know what I’m single I’m single and I don’t want to stay home

at night so I can’t go I like I got these people calling me and texting me and they dm’ing me in my inbox

and all that stuff I don’t think I want to be delivered from that Spirit of perversion

but you see it’s not just about sex it’s not just about lust it’s not just

about physical attraction it’s demonic that familiar Spirit has embedded itself

in your life and it’s bringing you to a posture where you’re thinking I like this attention

you know what I’ll find me a wife out of these ladies or these guys but I want to tell you

about two demons it’s Incubus and succubus you see Incubus it’s a male demon who has intercourse with females

and succubus is a female demon who seduces males

and you know who the Satan is say he’s the father of Lies you see to birth

these lies takes a form of procreation it’s demonic procreation and by you allowing these

familiar demons to be in your life you’re birthing the lies of the devil

so I want to tell you whether it whether it’s perversion or it’s addiction or it’s depression or it’s greed or

whatever it is don’t tolerate demons

there’s nothing good that’s going to come from that always drives me to success no it

doesn’t it’s killing you want to be successful cast it out

walk with the Lord I want to tell you there’s other demons they’re sinful thoughts there’s lust

there’s suicide there’s perversion there’s addiction there’s depression there’s despair anything that’s not of

the Lord is not of the Lord and you can take command and self-deliver I’ll tell

you last night I knew I had a message it had been a battle all week talking about demonic Deliverance Lee has been praying

over me and I and I could not go to sleep last night tossing and turning and then finally I’m like ah get out

you’re attacking my mind you’re trying to keep me up late you’re trying to distract me you want me sleepy you want

me angry like you’d want me to be distracted get out and it’s as simple as

that get out in Jesus name because it’s a battle in my mind

and then I replaced it with affirming words from the Lord and you know what I did after that I went to sleep

you could self-deliver listen second Corinthians 10 tells us for though we walk in the flesh we do not a war we do

not war according to the flesh does that sound like Ephesians does it seem like a theme that’s coming around for the

weapons of our Warfare are not carnal fleshly Earthly But Mighty of God for

pulling down strongholds casting down arguments and every High thing that exalts itself against the knowledge

of God bringing every thought into captivity to The Obedience of Christ and

being ready to punish all Disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled you know what I did last night to those

thoughts I took them captive I took them captive you know what I had a brother uh not my blood brother a spiritual brother

I’ve known him for years and he texts me this week and just desperation he goes I just I just wish my thoughts were pure

I’m so tired of the every moment of the day and I started walking him through

taking those thoughts captive I want to tell you got the same thing young guys and girls you’re class you’re

starting to have fear you’re starting to dread take those thoughts captive takes those thoughts captives what I want to

tell you is in the Greek the illustration of taking him captive as I’ve told you before about this Roman sword it’s called the McLaren sword it

was a lethal weapon for the Roman legion it’s sharp on two uh sides it’s got a tip on the edge and it’s got a little

bitty curve to it and you see the Romans when they’re in Warfare they didn’t waste their time slashing and swinging

at waste energy two inches is all it takes to kill someone to be fatal

two inches two inches two inches why don’t I share that with you because that’s all when the Holy Spirit prompts

you with the word that quick and word of the holy spirit is all it should be to convict you but when you take your

thoughts captive the Greek illustration shows us it’s like having a prisoner and then you’re behind him with that McLaren

sword and you just guide them you direct you’re taking them captive you know where you’re bringing them

to Christ because the thoughts can’t stop because if they do that sword is going to insert

this is what take every thought captive means you bring them to The Obedience of Christ you have that same Authority when

these thoughts start popping in your head when you’ve gone through deliverance and Satan starts reminding

you of the good old days take every thought captive you know even tormented by the demons

this man was able to choose to come to Jesus immediately for deliverance

if I could submit something to the body you should too you should too

this was a brother fully possessed fully possessed by six thousand demons

but he still had the ability to come to Jesus I suggest you should too

it doesn’t matter how deep your addiction or your Affliction your connection to the occult

to the world Jesus saves and he heals and he delivers

in Mark 5 2 he says immediately they’re met him out of the tombs in the Greek

the word tombs it means Monument Memorial grave like immediately when we say out

of the tombs we picture our graveyards you know we see this guy running through the graveyard but I want you to

release that image get that out of your head and I don’t want to limit what God wants to say because we get locked into

some preconceived vision of what we know is a tomb and a graveyard like this is not the situation that this guy’s coming

from this tomb he’s talking about monuments he’s talking about memorials

you see what I want to tell you is that monuments they’re usually in remembrance

of the Dead like you go to Washington DC all these monuments all these beautiful things and

they’re all in in memorance of the dead now there’s nothing wrong with that but you see this man he’s living in the dead

places in his mind and in his location he’s apart from God you know why because

God’s not God of the Dead Matthew 22 tells us that God is not the god of the

dead but of the living dead places are not where God will be found

I want to ask you what are you memorializing what are your

monuments Idols from the past maybe past relationships maybe

back when we were richer or younger are we going back to Facebook and

looking at our high school Flame trying to relive them old days

what dead places have you entered into I want to share this with you and I think I asked them to put a slide up

because I really felt it was important to understand what this demon-possessed man is and I want to I want us to not

get caught in these monuments of our memories you see monuments hold old memories

your mind is where your old memories become monuments engraved monuments they bear a likeness

but they’re not real your memory becomes a tool against you

when the truth is not present if you’re looking at a statue of somebody and you’re thinking that statue

is that person it’s a lie it’s a monument

you see your memories they’re where the demons gather to battle in your mind like Jesus has confronted at night

that’s usually when our memories become active no show of hands but when you lay down

at night you can’t go to sleep you start thinking about things you start wondering you start imagining

maybe start fantasizing this is where the demons become most active because you’re most vulnerable

you see the tombs of our thought life they keep us chained to the past of pain

shame and regrets and like this man the demoniac we hide

ourselves in the places of unhealed trauma and guilt what I want to tell you is that your memories your memories need

to be healed your memories need to be healed we had a young girl about a month ago

17 year old girl asks victim of horrible sexual abuse

when do the memories go away and you know it’s not an issue of when do they go away but it’s when do you

heal them because I want to tell you unhealed memories they can they can leap from your mind

into other people’s lives you see if you live the life of past trauma and abuse and your mind is filled

with the memories of the trauma and abuse you’re going to wind up traumatizing and abusing somebody else

see hurt people hurt people they hurt people because their memories have not been healed memory monuments

they can hurt others and they can drive them into negative actions it’s no different than those six thousand demons

who left into swine they leapt and just they leapt into

someone else’s existence and caused irreparable harm I will tell you with Deliverance

you’ve got to have you’ve got to have inner healing your memory has got to be healed

Jesus is the Healer of your mind of your body and of your soul and what’s

the foundation to work towards healing Romans 12 2 tells us do not and I’m going to use the NIV do

not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind

then you’ll be able to test and approve what God’s will is his good pleasing and

perfect will I want to remind you we’ve given this illustration before and it’s the reason I use the NIV

it says do not conform to the patterns of this world who’s the god very little G small G who’s the God of this world

Satan who creates the patterns of this world Satan do not conform to whose patterns

Satan’s you see it says the renewing of your

mind I mean like we should be thankful that it doesn’t say uh will the renewing

of your body I need you all to get out in the gym early in the morning and start working out I mean it’d be like come on Jesus

the renewing of your mind is where it starts and I’ve used the illustration I want to

share it really quick is this as if this is your mind remember your mind’s pliable it’s called neuroplasticity it

can be reprogrammed re-changed so it’s neuroplasticity and let’s say this is

your sin life these are the patterns of the world and you were you were all about the patterns of the world and then

you come to Jesus and you’re like no more for me I’m going to live righteous boom and then the patterns of the world

are gone but you know what’s still on the inside of that of that putty-like brain

the etchings right the claw marks the scratches

the impressions of patterns of the world well goodness gracious how do we get rid of that we start renewing our mind with

what the word of the lord we start praying we start meditating we start

coming into discipleship we come into Fellowship we start we start worshiping we start praying

neuroplasticity like it’s a big word that scientists came up to mean what

transformed by the renewing of your mind for some reason people think well if

science approves it then it must be true now the word of the Lord is true science just finally caught on what I want to

tell you is you got to heal your memories your memories will only be healed when you begin to transform your

mind when you begin to transform your mind I want to tell you we’re going to go to 5’3 it says no one could bring him

no one could bind him not even the chains not even with change because he had often been bound with shackles and

chains and the chains have been pulled apart by him and the shackles broken in pieces neither could anyone tame him

what I want to tell you this man could not be subdued by man or metal you see

the shackles are handcuffs and they control and they limit your ability the chains they tether you to something

it could be a wall or another prisoner or maybe your sin or maybe your past

what I want to tell you is the people that were trying to control this man they were trying to chain this man you

see they didn’t have the Spiritual Authority or the Heavenly keys to bind or loosest man only Jesus has those keys

Matthew 16 tells us and I that’s Jesus will give you this body the Kingdom of

Heaven the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose

on Earth will be loosed in heaven now this is Jesus speaking pre-crucifixion Resurrection Ascension coming down to

the holy spirit so when he says I will give you what he says now I have given

you you’ve got the keys to the kingdom maybe with a show of hands who’s got the

keys to the kingdom so he said what kingdom are we talking about we talk about the kingdom of

heaven and I want to tell you where to find that Kingdom of Heaven you go to Luke 17 20 21 and what is he telling us now when

he was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come he answered them and said this is Jesus talking the

kingdom of God does not come with observation it means you can’t go out and find it nor will they say see here or see there

for indeed the kingdom of God is where within you

the kingdom of God is within you now

what’s a nice house what’s a nice Kingdom without keys you see Jesus has given you the keys to

the very Kingdom that is within you that means you have the authority to

bind and loose to free and deliver to heal

and provide you see although the demoniac broke the shackles and the chains see that’s symbolic when

he’s breaking him he’s being delivered he’s being freed

but then what happened he didn’t have the spiritual aftercare he didn’t have Jesus

so he came back into his possession you see he said oh you know what I’m

gonna I’m gonna stop uh I’m gonna stop watching porn it’s called a binge Purge cycle I’m

gonna stop doing this and you get busted so you’re like oh I feel bad I’m gonna stop doing what I’m

doing I’ma stop sinning but you know what you can stop for a day a week a month a year but you’re not been

delivered and you don’t have the Aftercare eventually you’re going to go back to what it was that you were doing

and you’re going to keep binging until you get busted again but this time the consequences are worse maybe he got

fired maybe a spouse leaves you and you go oh I’m so sorry I’m gonna quit I’m

gonna quit doing that I’m telling you but you see you hadn’t been you hadn’t been delivered and there’s no Aftercare

in your deliverance there’s no Jesus it’s emotional but let me tell you what’s going to happen after a while

those consequences don’t matter there ain’t nothing on this Earth that anybody could do to a person in pain

worse than they’re doing to themselves unless you have been

delivered and there is spiritual Aftercare there is inner healing you’re going to keep

breaking the chains and finding yourself tethered breaking the chains and find yourself tethered

and let me tell you what happens let me tell you what happens with each cycle with each deliverance

and falling back into bondage it gets worse

Matthew 12 tells us when an unclean Spirit goes out of a man

he now let me show you he is the demon unclean spirit is a demon

he the demon I told you demons are people without a body

it wouldn’t call him a he if he wasn’t a he goes through Dry places seeking

rest and finds none then he the demon says I will return to

my house you know what that house is you

my house not a house I’m going to check you know Redfin to see if there’s any

rentals my how that demon has put a claim on you

I will return to my house from which I came and when he comes and he finds it empty

swept and put in order so you go through Deliverance and whatever the manifestation is or

isn’t that’s personal but you go through deliverance and now boom there’s

no more demons and the demons looking and he’s and he’s like I’m going back to my house

and it’s been swept because there’s no demons in there but you know what else ain’t in there

there’s no Holy Spirit there’s no living life righteously

it’s empty so you know what he does he goes and takes with him seven other

Spirits not just seven partners that they went to high school together these are seven more wicked than himself

so let me tell you if you’re struggling with depression and you go through deliverance and

there’s no inner healing after care you’d almost be better off not being delivered in the first place and I know

it sounds stupid but that’s what the Bible says because now you’re dealing with it seven times more wickedly than

you were before you see we talk about Deliverance

Deliverance without aftercare can become an addiction in and of itself how did this how did this guy amass 6

000 demons that’s not even possible well it is you see because emotional

Deliverance is not true Deliverance you figure this guy started off with one demon

he was locked up and then he got Deliverance and then he went back to his old cycle

and then seven more now that’s eight and now he’s locked up and he got some deliverance and you those eight go out

and then they bring back seven friends and he’s chained and then they go out and every time it’s

exponential multiplication because every time

chains broke shackles busted demons left there was nothing inside because he

didn’t have the Holy Spirit we’re going to find ourselves in the same situation emotional Deliverance is

not true Deliverance spiritual Deliverance is only possible through Jesus and inner healing has got to be a part

of your deliverance there’s no way around it there’s no way around it

if faith if you can come up you know I want to pray this scripture

over the body we want to make a declaration and it’s not an idea or anything this is this is simply

the word of the Lord this word is as true as true can be true

and I want to pray God’s word over you I want you to I want you to take this

time to really to really just let the Holy Spirit think to think enter your mind

if you’ve got any kind of thoughts right now anything distracting you anything bothering you

I want you to just whisper to yourself I want you to take authority of whatever

these distracting thoughts are and I just want you to whisper

no cast you out in Jesus name I cast you out in Jesus name

and when you cast out then replace with a thank you Jesus

whatever’s distracting you right now whatever’s worrying you right now whatever’s bothering you right now

whatever’s pulling you away from Jesus I just want you to take a moment before

I pray this scripture and declaration over our lives so take the moment self-deliver

and say I cast you out in Jesus name and then replace it with the affirmation

of thank you Jesus you see we do have provision

in God the Father we do have power in God the Father

we do have protection and God the father but that only comes in Jesus name

what I want to ask you just let the Holy Spirit speak to you

let the Holy Spirit speak to you

I want to ask you

if this word has spoken to you on any level if you know that there is there is

personal Deliverance that is happening that needs to happen that has happened

but there’s not been the inner healing

the memory care if you’re still hiding in the tombs

of memory monuments

I invite you to I invite you to stand where you are or

come to the front and in a prophetic declaration and a show that that you believe

this word of the Lord you trust the Lord and that whether it’s a legion of 6 000

or just the thought that can’t stop ralling in your skull

stand and in agreement that you do have the authority and you do have the power

by the blood of the Lamb to take authority over those thoughts

over those compulsions over those afflictions over those addictions over those misidentifications of self

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