Unveiling the Mysteries/ How Faith Operates In You by- Lisa Schwarz (Podcast)


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[Applause] hey it’s always good to be here I do feel like this is home which is nice I’ve been doing a lot of traveling Idon’t know if you guys follow me on social media I’m trying to drag this without swinging my laptop aroundum so it’s been fun but it’s fun to be home this weekend I think I’m somewhat home next weekend and then I’m hittingthe road again and I’m gone probably till Christmas so uh so it’s fun to be here and I’m going to talk to you todayabout faith and I know my sister April talked about faith I’m going to open us up in prayerand then I’m going to jump into the message because I know does the 30 minutes include the altar time because it’s another 30 minutes for thealtar time right okay okay he did ask me what time and I was like what is what is Kosher for the house soyes Father we come before you in the name of Jesus and we thank you holy spirit that the only time limit we areon is the kingdom limit and we thank you holy spirit that as we step into your presencecome on he’s quickwe thank you holy spirit that your presence is here we thank you God that the minute weincline our ear you lean inwe thank you for your presence we thank you for your love we thank you for your hope we thank you for your faith we askholy spirit that you would just anoint this word that even as my husband and I prayedthat it’s not a wise and persuasive teaching that people are after but it’s ademonstration of your power it’s a move of your word so I asked holy spirit that you wouldwrap your presence you would wrap your presence around every word that it appears to penetrate the heart in a waythat I never could in Jesus name amen so I want to talk to you today about howFaith operates in you we always talk about as Believers how we need to have faith right you got to have faith it’sfrustrating when you’re operating in a situation and you’re struggling in faith and somebody says you know what you justneed to have faith like that’s not encouraging don’t say that to somebody right because we already know that weknow we should have faith you just need to have more faith brother Scott just need to have yeah thanks a lot thanks alot not helpful right so it’s frustrating when we talk about having faith I want to talk to you about thedefinition of faith is having a complete trust or a confidence in someone orsomething so you can have faith in something outside of God but for thescenario that we are talking about today let’s presume that when I’m talking about faith we’re talking about having acomplete trust having a complete confidence in God himself moreover theattribute of God the character of God and therefore the promises of Godbecause every promise of God flows out of the heart and the character of God if you guys have followed my teachings ifyou’ve been here when I’ve preached you know I’m constantly talking about moving past just the hand of God the ways ofGod and discovering the heart of God what do we know about who God is and sowe’re talking about having more than just a faith in the way God is is going to operate in our lives but it’s abouthaving a faith in who he is the very nature of God We Believe believe thatGod can heal but even if we don’t see it the greaterfaith is that we believe God is healer it’s the essence of who he isand so we know that we’re supposed to operate on faith but I want to talk to you too today about how Faith operatesin you so I kind of want you to relax for a moment because I think sometimes we go to church and we come out thinkingabout all these things I need to do and all the ways I need to be better anybody walk out of church kind of feeling likeyou were worse off than when you went in am I the only one right you you hear all you get all this information about allyour all that you’re supposed to be and the way you should be living your life and then you walk out the door and you’re like but then there’s my realityright the reality of how I feel the reality of my circumstance and sometimes that can be difficult so I want to kindof pull that off today and I don’t want to talk to you about having more faith I want to talk to you about faith itselfthe person of Faith Jesus in you the Holy Ghost Abiding and residing in youand how he operates for you in you through youso when you think with me more for more about the idea of surrendering surrendering to Faith many of us arevery aware of how fear Works in US but do you know how Faith Works in you Iknow that fear makes my heart rate go up a little bit right am I the only one but I also knowthat Faith makes my heart rate go up a little bit come on the devil can’t make something up in your life he just takesaway the Holy Spirit works and he twists it he perverts it he is the author of Lies he is the father of Lies heperverts things so many of us have are very aware of how fear Works in our life but I want you toknow the effects of faith not how to act on faith but rather how Faith Actsin you when you surrender to it are you following this all right I just need you guys to be a little more interactiveeverybody’s like it’s like before and 12 o’clock anybody need a cup of coffee go ahead and get itokay so the different what I want you to know is that the Bible says this you have been given the fullest Measure ofFaith we’ve all been given a Measure of Faith it tells us that in Romans 12 3 The Measure of Faith is the same forevery believer that means Mariah you have the same measure of Faith as I havehow many times have you heard people say well if I only had the faith of sister April oh if only I could pray like that oh ifonly I had the faith of Leah oh I just want to have that Faith right but thereality is we all have the same faith of Jesus the Same faith that Jesus had isthe same faith that you have now different Believers have developed and strengthened their faith over time bythe word of God because remember faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by what the word of God if you don’t know thatverse look it up don’t let me teach you you have a teacher that abides within you take it home write it down let theHoly Spirit teach you faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the word of God so there are some ofus who have an expression of faith more than others because we have we havedeveloped and we have strengthened our faith by the word of God we have operated and we have strengthened ourfaith in our closet but when you pull away all of that and you get into thecore of who each one of us is because we are a spirit man who has a soul thatdwells in a body your spirit man your spirit man myspirit man and your spirit man all has the same measure of faith and it’s thesame faith of Jesus so I want to go back to this definition of Faith complete trust or confidence insomeone or something and I would like to propose to you that your spirit man has no problem completely trusting in Godthat’s good news because when your soul is struggling you can move past yoursoul and be like that’s nice but I don’t want to hear what you have to say come on remember when the psalmist said what is wrong with you oh my soulhe was talking to himself I give my clients mirror talks quite a bit and they’re like that’s weirdand I’m like tell me you haven’t been talking to yourself in the mirror your entire life come on tell me you haven’t been talkingto yourself while you’re driving along the highway your entire life come on there’s a narrative that’salready been going on inside of you and what we need to do is make sure our narrative is lining up with TheNarrative of Jesus and so when my soul is speaking a narrative that isn’t faiththat isn’t completely confident in the heart of God I’m gonna be like that’s nice soul but if you don’t mind I’mgonna tap into my spirit man because my spirit man is where I’m going to find the measure of faith I’m not going tofind my Measure of Faith by working harder come on that’s good news you can’t work your way into greater Faithbecause the greatest amount of faith is already in you so this means you in your soul realmyour own mind can struggle with faith but your spirit man is completely he is Chillcome up my spirit man is like hmmcome on I don’t know what your spirit man looks like but maybe you should get in the mirror and practice himand just practice that confidence so Faith starts in the spiritit is impossible to believe God of your own volition you can train your mind to think likeFaith you can train your actions to operate on faith you can learn to behavein faith come on the church teaches us how to act really well But ultimately your faith starts in yourspirit ultimately it starts with God I want to go to our text today which is in second Kings chapter four one throughseven I think it’s very interesting that the lord gave me this verse to speak on this because I’ve preached on thispassage a lot and typically I preach on this passage and talking about the capacity of an individual and how toincrease your capacity because how many of you know you’re compat your comfort zone will Define it will determine yourcapacity but that’s not all what we’re going to preach on today we’re going to talk about how does faith operate in youlet’s read the text a certain woman of the wives of of the sons of the prophets cried out to Elisha saying your servantmy husband is dead and you know that your servant feared the Lord and theCreditor is coming to take my two sons to be his slaves so Elisha said to herwhat shall I do for you tell me what you do have in the house and we’ll say that again tell me whatyou do have in the house come on say it again tell me what you do have in the house come on what do you have in thehouse tell me what you do have in the house and he said she said your maidservanthas nothing oh except maybe this little bar jar of oil then he said to her go borrow vesselsfrom everywhere from all your neighbors empty vessels do not gather just a few and when you have come in you shall shutthe door come on somebody say shut the door shut the door behind you and your sons and then pour it into those vesselsand set them all aside set them aside from the full ones and so she went from him and she shutthe door and so she went come on this is that obedience right and so she went andshe shut the door how many of you know a lot of us have gotten the same message but we didn’t goand shut the do we didn’t go and shut the door I mean that’s exactly what you Rasheed I’m looking at theseeds I’m looking at the direction of the seeds I hear the voice of God I hearwhat he’s telling me to do and I don’t know why you got oil but I don’t was because you didn’t go and shut your dooryou didn’t do what God told you to do come on there was years ago I know you guys a lot of you know my story I hadclinical depression for many years with panic anxiety attacks and I went to a Women’s Conference it was a Women ofFaith conference I remember we were saying I was sitting at a table with like five or six women it was kind of a leap of faith for me to go because Ireally wasn’t having a good week and I was sitting there with all these women and they were all talking about how they had struggled many of them were talkingabout how they had struggled with anxiety and depression and they’re like oh but I’ve been set free and oh praiseGod and everything else and I was getting angrier as the conversation went on and so I said I finally just said Iwent like this the stories about Judy McGuire you remember this I went like this wellI mean I’ve been struggling for years with all of those things and everything God said to you he said to me too andshe looked at me straight away and she said well did you do them and and I was likeand I was like well I tried come onand she was like no no asked if you did them did you just do them not did youtry because you know what try means it means I’m gonna start it but if I don’t see immediate results I’m not only going toquit but I’m going to tell everybody it didn’t work that’s what trying is so in my counseling room you’re notallowed to say I’ll try you either do it or don’t I’d rather be honest with me like I’m gonna be honest with you I’m not doing this assignment I I wouldrather you say that then I’ll try don’t be a liar don’t fool meso he goes okay so I’m reading on wherever I was atso she went from him and she shut the door it went behind her and her sons who brought the vessels to her and shepoured it out now it came to pass when the vessels are full that she said to her son bring me another vessel how manyof you know at this point she regretted her small thinking come onastronaut and you shall not have and he said to her there is not anothervessel and so the oil ceased and then she came and told the man of God and he said go sell all the oil and pay yourdebt and you and your sons will live on the rest all right so let’s let’s remember who the people I teach a classon Monday we always say who are the main characters in the story there are some main characters we’re going to listthree the Creditor is a main character who represents the devil right the devilwants to keep you enslaved he wants to threaten your livelihood he wants to steal kill and destroy which is what theCreditor wanted to do there’s also the Widow who represents you and I so shealso represents our tendency and how we tend to respond to circumstance and go oh my God God I have nothing right soshe not only represents she represents 100 our humanity and then we have the prophet who is the representative Godand he represents today the holy spirit in US okay so we have three main charactersthe devil you and the Holy Spirit let’s put it that way okay so today we havethe representative of God in here what else which is the holy spirit so the widow woman is unable to see beyond thenatural scope she’s unable to consider anything until she Taps into the voice of the HolySpirit right she Taps into the voice of Elisha who represents the voice of the Holy Spirit the voice of God in you soone of the first things we learn is we’ve got to seek counsel from something outside of our circumstance stop callingyour friends y’all Pastor you’re where in the pastor out calling him for prayerbecause I don’t know if any of you saw her we did a podcast our last podcast was on speakingin tongues and we talked about how that when you when you pray in a tongue your spirit praysand I started talking about how it’s the perfect prayer and how your mama can’t pray for you the way the spirit doesyour husband can’t pray for you the way the spirit your pastor Camp I can’t prayfor you the way it’s the spirit does so when you tap into that spiritual prayerit’s the perfect you cannot miss it’s the perfect prayer and so she’s tapping into the person of God knowing that hewas the voice that would speak completely and confidently in Godremember this is what we’re talking about that’s the faith we’re talking about I want to tap into the voice thathas no problem completely and confidently trusting in GodI know that I look perfect nothing say nothingtrained so well look at him just sitting and nodding smiling but the reality is there are times in mylife when I don’t completely and confidently trust in God and in those moments I can go to Bradwho also does not always completely and confidently trust in God I could go toApril who also does not always come on is this a shocker for any of you thatwe’re all completely human right or I can seek tap in the voice of God now I’m not saying we don’t see counsel fromother people but I’m saying sometimes we miss out on the Council of the voicethat completely and confidently trusts in God because we seek the counsel ofother people and so the first thing she does is she seeks the counsel of the one who trustscompletely and confidently in God he was the voice of Faith the holy spirit inyou is the voice of faith and here’s what faith does all right we’re going to start listing these One Faith changesyour narrative Faith changes your narrative verse two he says tell me what you do haveall she could do was focus on what she didn’t have everything that was wrong what the devil was doing what theCreditor was doing what was at stake what she’s about to loseand I wonder what narrative goes on in your mind I wonder what story you repeat over andover again in your mind I wonder if it is the voice of Faith or I wonder if itis the story the threat of the Creditor in your life how many of you know the devil isconstantly threatening things in your life and the more you succeed and the more you prosper the louder his voicewill get the more he will torment you with the voice of the Creditor that says oh you think you’re going to succeed I’mabout to steal this I’m about to take that I’m about to enslave you to this that is the voice of the Creditor it isnot the voice of faith so when you decide I’m gonna tap I’m gonna tuck myself into my closet come onsometimes we look like this in our closet or is it just me uh and maybe it’s just me but sometimes welook like that in our closet when I’m tapping into the voice of faith faith changes the narrativeyou shouldn’t go into your closet with the same story that you come out of your closet with you should expect that thenarrative is going to be flipped come on you should expect that’s what it means that there was a time in my life when Iwas like I’m not leaving this room until you touch me God until you speakto me God until you bless me God I want the narrative to be changed and Ican’t change it on my own the narrative in my mind is too loud The Narrative ofmy circumstance is too real come on but I need to know that there is acircumstance that there is a narrative outside of all that I am experiencing see faith says I will choose to believethis narrative even when I don’t think it even when I don’t feel it Faith opensthe door to your to the door of your mind to the spirit and shuts the door ofyour mind to the world faith I won’t say that again because I want to make Faith opens the door ofyour mind it opens the door of your heart Inward and shuts it outward do youunderstand your spirit’s soul body and so the more you tap Inward and whenwe shut I wish I had a picture I had a picture last week did I have a picture last week when I taught onDeliverance no maybe I didn’t maybe it was just in my notes did I oh I had a I had a demonstration that’s right okaythink with me for a moment of Bullseye do you have a ring in the middle you can probably pull one up real quick you have a ring in the middle that says Spiritthen you have your soul and then you have your body and your Soul’s in the middle and either has the doorway opento the center it has the doorway open this way you either have your door open to your spirit man or you have your door open tothis to your body and your flesh your body is how you interact with the world it’s how you relate to yourcircumstances is how you relate to your environment it’s your five senses we’re going to be talking at West Side Storyabout your Supernatural sensing by the way so we’re gonna be talking about more than just Supernaturalum gifts your soul is how I relate to people it’s how I relate to myself it’s how I relateto the people in the room but my spirit man is how I relate to Godokay so many of us are trying to discover how can I how do I relate to my husband through my environment throughmy past through my experiences just as a side note teaching I’m sorry on the trichotomy here we goso if we were to if we were in here is your flesh so these are your senses your smeller your thing your toucher yourfeeler right well we need to go back to first grade five says your five senses right so I’m going to be teaching onum on West Side Story I’m going to be teaching on taking more territory and how many of us if we’re lucky we takethis territory but how do we take this territory right how do we take this territory andactually recommend that or realize that there’s a supernatural hearing there’s a supernatural seeing there’s asupernatural touching come on the woman who touched the edge that was a supernatural touch that was not an ordinary touch rightso I want you to picture a doorway here and I want you to picture a doorway here Faith shuts this door and opens thisdoor and so all you can communicate is with the spirit and everything out here nolonger matters that’s what faith does for you it flips The Narrative I gotta hurry Faith looks for answers this ispoint number two Faith looks for answers it opens your eyes to what doubt and fear has veiled remember she said andyour maidservant has nothing in the house and then she says but a jar of oilright so all of a sudden you see her kind of starting to consider maybe there’s somethingmaybe there’s something I didn’t consider faith will will have you consider something you haven’tconsidered and it does that by opening your eyes for answerscome on how many of you again counseling room I come in and the first 50 minutes is all the problemswe can expect that right the first 50 minutes the first session is all the problems and my job as a counselor is tohelp start searching for answers my job is not to give answers I’m sorryI’m not going to give you answers but it’s to ask you really good questions like let’s talk about what you do havelet’s talk about what God is doing let’s talk about why you married your husband to begin with let’s talkyou’re not even married and you had the best response she was like right because because the devil wantsyou to to focus on all the ways God isn’t showing up all the things you haven’t accomplishedyet all the problems that could go wrong the reasons why I can’t make these decisions so he’ll have you focus on theproblems but faith that shuts the door to problems and it opens the door toanswers it opens the door so we know so many verses in scripture moreover we have anunderstanding that God makes a way when there seems to be no way but faith infull operation doesn’t just know this it looks for it it expects it andultimately it finds it okay so you can know God makes a way but faith will cause you to expect it andwill cause you to find it in Romans 4 17 it says this that weserve a God who sees what is not and he calls it as if it is here’s where we’re talking about the attribute of God hesees what is not but he but he sees the answer he’s not focused on the problemin NLT it says it like this he creates new things out of nothing he creates newthings out of nothing in the message it says it like this he can make something he says this with a word he can makesomething out of nothing come on that’s powerful that’s finding an answer that’s lookingfor an answer that’s expecting an answer it’s looking for an answer but if we’re so focused on the problem and all we’redoing is communicating the problem that’s not faith you’re focused on your circumstanceso Faith does this when you take every thought captive every circumstance captive and compareit to the heart of the promises of God faith refuses to believe anything that doesn’t line uplook it shuts down the nose of the world and it searches for the yes of God comeon there’s somebody in here that needs to start searching for the yes of God know that it exists search for it anddon’t leave until you find it shut the shut the voice of the world that says nomoreover faith capitalizes on any no that you get and finds opportunity inevery no what because all things work together for good to those who call it love theLord and are called according to his purpose that’s what it says in Romans 8. so not only does faith search for nosebut in the midst of a no faith goes how do I capitalize on this and turn it into a yes and amenthat’s what faith does we must allow faith in you to search for answers refuse to align align yourselfwith anything less than the promise of God all right Point number three Faith creates space for God to workokay remember those vessels verse three I’m just walking you guys right through the verses one two three verse threesays go borrow vessels from everywhere from all your neighbors neighbors empty vessels do not just gather a few looksome of us have never seen God work in a supernatural way because we haven’t created the opportunity I like to tellpeople how many of you seen have seen somebody be healed right in front of your eyes and most people are like not really I’mlike how many of you have prayed for it and you know what there’s usually a one-to-one ratiofor every person that didn’t raise their hand the first time they didn’t raise their hand the second time and for everyperson that said yep I’ve seen it raise their hand the second time that said yep I’ve done it you know why they’ve seen it becausethey’ve done it and they did it and they created room for God to work theycreated room for healing to happen Faith opens the door to the spirit realmto reveal New Opportunities remember the story in Second Kings where he said go and dig ditchesI’m gonna bring tomorrow I’m gonna bring water to you but it’s not gonna come by rain and it’s not going to come by snow go and dig that was a lot of work to digditches by the way and how many of you will probably know that for every one person digging a ditch there was one person going what are you doingcome on but it was the actual ditches come on it was the ditches that pulledthe water into the valley that pulled the water into the land had they notdone dug the ditches there would have been no water see they created space they created uhthey created that opportunity it’s the whole if you build it they will come idea we need to stop taking uh thismeans stop taking the path every sorry test off taking the path of every answerlike that we have to know the answer I have to know the strategy I have to knowall and be willing to move on faith right so how many of you are like inbusiness you know and people are like well we need your five-year business plan and I’m like okay but this is pretty boxy and I’m pretty sure it’sbigger and it’s gonna be better and I’ll put something on paper because you’re telling me I have to because when you want to get a loan you have to put it onpaper but the reality is in my mind it’s just space it’s just room for God to workso when you start moving on faith and trust God to fill in the gaps you don’t have to know all the answersPoint number fours is for Faith cultivates or Grooms your intimacy with God and only listens for him remember wesaid You shall shut the door verse 4 faith will drive you to your closet it will keep you in your closet forhours it will shut the door on the natural and will open the door to the supernatural it will silence your earsto the world and it will open your ears to the Holy Spirit it will shut your eyes to your circumstance and will openyour eyes to God it will open your eyes to God when you decide you are going to move on faithyou must real realize that is only by faith that you will continue in it because a lot of us are good remember inthe in the Bible where he says oh ye of little faith he goes and he feeds the multitude and then they have this stormand they’re like oh my God immediately they’re captured by theircircumstance everything that they can see not saying I wouldn’t have been the same but he says at the end O ye of littlefaith and what that doesn’t mean was that you have a small Measure of Faith what it meant if you read it in the Greek it’s the idea of a short-livedfaith and so faith will Allure you will groomyou will keep you in your closet because it is easy to start something on faith it isit’s I’m gonna be honest it’s easy to start something on faith it’s hard to sustain it on faith I’ve been running aMinistry now for 13 years and every month There’s an opportunity for God to be like oh you want to run itnow okay oh I didn’t know you started this okay do you want to take it now oh I’mlike oh no no I’m so sorry I mean excuse me and I just get back into my closet rightand a lot of us start things on faith and we’re like we got this now God thank you a lot of us were saved by faith butnow we live by works all right faith says yes withoutunderstanding and I love this phrase and so she went and so she went no idea no questionswhat do you mean gather how many should I get oh well do can we put a six-monthplan together what size should I get should I ask this Neighbor come on how many ofright God says go and do this and we’re like well I need I have all these questions firstI have all these questions and it’s very natural even Mary asked the angel Gabriel how’s it going to happenI mean I kind of like find validation in them like even Mary asked the question but the angel Gabriel was like bro don’tworry about it holy spirit’s gonna come on you he’s going to overshadow you you’re gonna burst something that’s outside of yourself just chill lay backreceive it and let it happen right and that’s what he says and shesays oh okay so let it be undone unto me as you have said and so it happened and so she went thereare a lot of things that we do not completely sorry there are a lot of things that we do not completelyunderstand so faith says yes without understandingFaith moves without understanding I do not completely understand gravityyet I am partaking and trusting it right nowI do not completely understand the structure of those chairs but all of youare partaking and trusting them to hold you up I just had a very fun visualI do not completely understand the process of breathing and how oxygen comes into my lungs andsomehow gets into my blood and then comes back into my lungs and comes out is poisonI do not understand that but I am participating in the process onfaith and faith says yes without understandingfaith will cause you to do things that you never thought you would could do you would do because it shuts down your mindthat needs to know all the answers some of us don’t like this some of us go in the closet we’re scared to death becausewe’re like oh my gosh I actually saw myself doing the thing without knowing all the things right but faith says yes withoutcompletely understanding there are a lot of ways we can operate on faith in our natural living yet we fail to operatespiritually in the things we cannot completely comprehend so a lot of us are doing things and wesay it’s on faith but it’s actually based on what we can see I like to tell people all the time they’re like I justneed to sign from God like that’s great that’s great nothing wrong with that I’ve asked God for thatbut when you get a sign for God and then you tell yes don’t tell people it was on faith because it was actually on siteand it was on evidence and it was on a sign and God does that for us because he’s gracious and that’s part of how heteaches us it’s part of how he gave pork Gideon he needed like a gazillion of them there are days I feel like Gideon right andI’m like can I have another time please he’s like bro just go just get up and goJohn 3 8 says the wind blows where it wishes you hear the sound of it but you can’t tell where it comes from and youdon’t know where it’s going so is everybody who’s born of the spirit I have no understanding of the wind wedon’t know where it comes from we don’t know where it’s going and that’s how the holy spirit is we don’t necessarily knowwhere he’s coming from in a moment we don’t know where he’s going to take us and that’s frightening it can be or itcan be exciting or it can be exciting so faith says yes without I am way outof time without uh understanding Faith moves without evidenceso similar she poured it out she poured it out she and it keeps movingit keeps moving without evidence and finally Faith puts a demand on GodI’m gonna say that again and activates evidence of his promises see it was herfaith that activated the evidence of what he promised I’m going to say that againbecause some of you are looking for evidence to act on faith but your faith is actually what puts ademand on the evidence see I mean the Bible tells us in Mark chapter six and so they went and theLord confirmed the word with the accompanying signs these are the signs of those who believe these are the signsof those who believe that signs acts Miracles wonders will follow themthat’s what it says that they follow them angels of goodness and mercy should come on guysfollow you all the right that means I’m going firstand some of you in here are waiting on evidence and God’s saying you go first because your faith will put a demand onevidence your faith will put a demand on evidence the Bible says in Hebrews 11 1 now Faithis the substance of things hoped for it is the evidence of Things Not Seenand we’ve got it backwards the devil will keep it backwards in her head and he will tell you that you have to haveevidence that the world tells us come on your Banker is going to tell you you gotto show me evidence have you ever heard the term blue sky right like Brad and I have boughtbusinesses and they’re like well this is like funding blue sky and we’re like we know there’s no evidence it’s blue skyit’s an idea it’s just a concept right you know this Keaton people come to you with blue sky all the timefaith is Blue Sky Faith gathers blue sky and turns it into profit that’s what itdoes it puts a demand on evidence it pulls the promises of God into realityit pulls the promises of God into your reality if you guys want to come back up I am going to do an altar call buthere’s here’s what I want you to realize I’m going to go back to the beginning where we talked about you have the fullMeasure of Faith In You and I want to talk about many of us have heard these attributes of faith andwe’re like I need that I want that I want to be less controlling come on let’s just keep it real I wanna I wannabe somebody that doesn’t need to have all the details before I begin to move you are that personbecause the spirit man lives in you who says I don’t have to have complete understanding before I say yesthe spirit man lives in you who says I know there’s Crea there’s margin andthere’s space here for the Lord to begin to work that’s what faith says faith saysyour intimacy is groomed in your closet faith says you get to shut the door tothe world faith says I’m opening a door to the spirit realm come on faith saysthere’s space in your life for God to work faith says your narrative can becompletely different come on faith says joy is in you though depression isaround you come on you’re going to keep it real come on faith says you’re healed of cancer even though the doctors sayyou’re not come on faith says there’s money in your bank even when there’s notcome on faces your child is healed and come home even when he hasn’t come on this is whatfaith does it opens the door to things that are not and says this is what is now if I look outward man I have thisreality and it’s hard and it’s difficult and it’s crowded andit’s loud and it’s noisy but faith sayscome on faith opens your eyes to things you could never know and I’m not talking about you havingmore faith talking about you surrendering to the faith that’s already within you

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30-Day Challenge for Men Only

Feel Abandoned by God? He’s Never Been Closer. Let Us Prove It To You.

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