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Choose Your Weapon 🔥

SWAT, which stands for Special Weapons and Tactics, allowed access to resources most people will never imagine, but I continue to use the only one that both protected and convicted me.

Walking Through Your Life’s Wilderness Season: Obscurity Is Not Punishment

Blessings In Truth I’ll be honest. I struggled. I struggled a lot, and without anyone to share big time truths with me []

Why Sitting In Church Is Bad For Men

Staff men’s ministries with volunteers of actual men who’ve messed up more in life than leaving a dog-eared copy of the latest men’s grooming magazine on the counter.

Talking About: Christians to LGBTQ: “Our sins Are Better Than Yours”

I sorta figured my latest article was going to grab attention. It did. Lots of attention, but I’m so appreciative of people sharing their heart along with their opinion. 

Sin Transference | Do You Do It?

Sin Transference | Do You Do It? Do we take responsibility for our actions, or throw others under the bus like Adam did to Eve?

Power to the People (God’s People)

Power to the People (God’s People) I often wonder how many men who finally drop their hard exterior to accept the free []