Walking Through Your Life’s Wilderness Season: Obscurity Is Not Punishment

Blessings In Truth

I’ll be honest. I struggled. I struggled a lot, and without anyone to share big time truths with me about what it was I was struggling with, I’m not sure I would’ve made it.

I still recall the day God spoke so clearly to me. I was at the height of my career when He called me to retire and serve Him. Surely God was joking right? I mean after all, I was a chief of police, a college professor with a PhD and a federal government contractor. I’d worked almost 26 years to earn what I’d gotten and now He wanted me to walk away?

Pain In Truth

Leaving my professional life of influence behind, I expected to be fast-tracked to as high or an even higher position within the kingdom service realm. Maybe somewhere in between TD Jakes and Steven Furtick. Nothing materialized the first 3 months into retirement. I sat and waited another 3 months and then another and another. Over that year of what was supposed to be my grand reward for following God’s call, I’d fallen into deep despair.

I’d spent a career fixing other people’s problems and now I was unable to help myself. Worse yet, God had abandoned me. Or so I thought…

Love In Truth

Favored Not Forgotten is possibly the toughest, yet most rewarding book I’ve ever written. Co-Authored with my pastor, Adam McCain, we share our similar experiences and revelations of walking through the obscurity of live’s wilderness seasons. Check out our video shared at Church On The Hill as we talk about the book, it’s value and what it will do for you.

Make sure to grab your copy today. There is also a small group Leader Guide and Study Guide to help walk you through your own seasons of transformational change.

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  1. Scott, I’m not stupid, but I’m not burdened with great intellect, either. I always pray like this, “God, this is what I see you wanting me to do. I’m going to roll with it. If this is not the path you want me on, please put some road blocks in there. And while we’re at it, do me a favor and make those road blocks big. I tend to miss the little ones.

    The path you’ve chosen has always impressed me.

    • Amen!!!!!!! I’ve hit so many roadblocks head on with a big smile that you’d think I would’ve learned by now. Mercifully, God has always allowed me to rebound and find His path.
      Thank you and I love that approach!

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