Power to the People (God’s People)

Power to the People (God’s People)

I often wonder how many men who finally drop their hard exterior to accept the free gift of God’s loving grace, are soon turned away from pursuing Christ thanks to “religion.”

Don’t let it get complicated.

– God loves you

– God is not mad at you

– God forgives you

– God wants to hang out with you

– God wants to bless you

“The legalistic mind basically mistrusts the free operation of God’s spirit in the church because the Spirit blows where it wills and does not wait for official permission.”

~ Hans Kung (Charismatic Ecclesiology)

Much Love/Respect,

Scott Silverii

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  1. I used to be pretty dead-set against religion – I used to say at my meetings that I was a recovering Catholic. I loved God and after I had kids my eyes opened a lot. If I love my kids THAT MUCH, and my love is a mere sliver of God’s, His is perfect after all, then my idea of religion must be a little off.

    Basically, having kids is the best thing that ever happened to me, as far as giving me an understanding of God. If His love is better and more pure than mine, He can’t possibly want to turn me into ash. I couldn’t want that for my kids, how could God want that for me?

    I don’t know how that comes out on a keyboard but it makes sense in my melon.

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