Methodist Church Makes Stand | Will It Fall?

What are your thoughts about this? Has the United Methodist Church messed up by not changing with the times to remain culturally relevant?

10 Days of 31: Going Too Far

10 Days of 31 Days: Going Too Far We’ve been allowing the puppy the freedom to roam throughout the house of late. []

Men, Sex & Marriage

Has sexual sin trapped you the darkness of pain, shame or regret? The light of Christ will set the captive free!!!

Double Minded: Single Focused

This is where you begin to believe the lies you are living. You can tattoo up, goatee down, ball cap spun around, and the Grunt-style t-shirts get rubber-banded around your new-found, pumped up pythons, but your soul knows the difference.

Spiritual A, B, C: Rules For Men

Spiritual A, B, C: Rules For Men Are you living a life outside God’s spiritual A,B,C’s; Accountability, Boundaries, & Consequences   If []

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