Jesus Wasn’t Made In America

It’s a great time to look at the reality of God in His true, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent form and not some media caricature we created to satisfy self.

Anger – Keeping It In Check

Remember last December when there was so much hope and optimism about the new you in the new year? There was something magical about 2020!

Sex Strikes And Bullying: Why It’s Great For America

Unless you’re married, you should be on a sex strike, or as everyone else in the world calls it; chastity. By no longer having unwed intercourse…

NFL Protest: Understanding A Dent In The Dirt

I’m proud of America, and despite her flaws, this country remains blessed and prosperous. We can’t get 7 family members in one []

FIT@50 / Week 81 – The Tie

FIT@50 / week 81 The Tie:   This is my first season of Texas high school football. I’ve not been to a []

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