Sex Strikes And Bullying: Why It’s Great For America

I learned years ago when dealing with people that it’s always better to know which side of an issue they support. No one does more damage than wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

On the issue of abortion, the ultra libs have finally tossed off their faux coat of sheep’s wool to take the hard stance in support of killing the unborn. Sure, they soft sell it with terms like women’s reproductive health, but the reality is, it’s murder.

An example is from a contrived scientific research project concluding that 99% of women who chose to have an abortion shared positive feelings over having made that decision after the first week, and even three years later. The study was led by Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health.

In scientific research it’s understood that there is no absolute truth, except for death! So at a finding of 99% “positive feelings” about having aborted their child, it’s hard to take anything objectively that’s reported by a group funded by pro-abortion activists.

Big Bully Brian

So besides voodoo statistics, the liberal mob has launched attacks on various other fronts. Recently, a Philadelphia elected-official, Brian Sims decided that shaming peaceful people on live social media was the answer. He called for his followers to identify and dox a scary old lady and three frightening teenage girls.

Of course, it backfired among those who refuse to revere insanity. The swift response was to hold a peaceful Pro-Life Rally outside of the same Planned Parenthood a week after Sims’ rant. Ironically, the very clinic Sims chose to champion, released a statement separating themselves from his outrageous behavior.

Sims was invited to appear with an added caveat by men who he would certainly identify as “toxic,” to attack them as he did an elderly lady and a mom with three teens. To no one’s surprise, the social media bully didn’t show up.

Latest Brainstorm

So now that efforts from pro-reproductive rights elected officials (Ralph Northam) seem to have triggered a tidal wave of resistance from conservative Pro-Life groups (thanks for stepping into the ring,) Hollywood “elites” such as progressive thinkers like Alyssa Milano have launched their latest scud missile.

The hashtag queen created the #SexStrike movement as a way for her like-minded sisters to protest Georgia’s sweeping Pro-Life legislation. Although it has also run aground, the reality is, it’s a great idea.

Unless you’re married, you should be on a sex strike, or as everyone else in the world calls it; chastity. By no longer having unwed intercourse, the 45 out of every 1000 pregnancies that were unintended would no longer occur, and the 42% of those pregnancies that end in abortion would stop.


Whether it’s the screaming meanie, Brian Sims, who I’m sure will pull out the “victim card” soon because his stunts didn’t go as planned, or Alyssa Milanos husband filing for divorce as he grows weary of her #SexStrike, those who’ve been on the sidelines in the battle of the unborn, are back in the arena.

The error of shoving this important conversation beyond the bounds of civil discourse is having widely unintended consequences for those who enjoy “forced thinking” for others. And to be honest, it’s good to see folks getting a little fired up about protecting babies.

Words of Truth in Love

There has always been a battle between good and evil, so it just depends on which side you stand. But, for those who support, protect or encourage killing over life, God has a Word of truth:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! ~ Isaiah 5:20 (KJV)

What does God mean by “woe unto them?” I sure hope that they change their positions before finding out. I’d hate to see anyone suffer separation from God because they decided to swim in a social storm created by bullying and boycotts.

Why should we care? Because life is to be adored and protected – yes, the born and unborn. And yes, even Brian and Alyssa.

What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts about a #SexStrike?

Do you think government should be in the business of legislating women’s choices?

Do you find it hard to take someone like Brian Sims seriously, or is he doing more harm than good?

What’s the difference between rights and freedoms?

Any other thoughts about this?

Your Mission Assignment

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4 replies »

  1. Well done here.

    We seem to be seeing a significant change in the murder discussions. My own state, Alabama, just passed the most restrictive abortion law ever!

    And, those in favor of murder were most apoplectic. Will it change Roe v Wade, who knows, but I think the fact it was passed, significantly, is important.

    As for the sex strike. Way to go Alyssa, you just did what many of us have argued for many years.

    Wanna bet how long she maintains this position?

  2. Well said. One thing though, in my opinion, that keeps getting dropped from the conversation a lot of times, is support for those women who can no longer get an abortion. Unplanned pregnancies will continue to happen as they always have. It seems like we fight to stop the murder and then forget the other side of the equation. Adoption is always the default suggestion for those not wanting to keep their baby, but there are on average a little over 100K children waiting to be adopted at any given time with an approximate 1-2M couples looking to adopt. We talk the talk about adoption, but don’t really walk the walk.

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