Anger – Keeping It In Check

Remember When

Remember last December when there was so much hope and optimism about the new you in the new year? There was something magical about 2020! We were going to have our best year yet because there would be perfect vision for our prosperous lives.

Don’t give up hope! I’ve seen more about who I really am than I ever have and probably want to. There is a mighty work in the works and like everything worth having, it isn’t going to come easy. It’s time to be safe, smart and spirit-led, but indeed no time to surrender.

Final Straw

I will confess that this week I began to slip more toward my natural man than my spirit man as I watched the rioting amplify. The last straw was when I saw that the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington DC had been vandalized. I have seven dear friends who were killed in the line of duty and their names are engraved in that granite wall of honor.

But as my attention focused more on property damage than it did on the murder of an innocent man at the hands of a police officer, I felt a crooked shift in my spirit. I did what we should all be doing. I stopped what it was that I was doing and began to pray. I simply asked God what was going on.

Watch this short video to see what truth bomb He dropped on me.

Where Is God?

It’s easy to lose sight of God’s work in these times. I recall at the very end of last year, God’s Word was so tangible in my life. No kidding. I mean the Holy Spirit would drop a Word on my heart and then, BAM, it was happening.

Everything was so clear and real. I was starting to freak out at all of the doors that He’d said would open and they were opened. It was crazy amazing. That’s when it’s easy and fun to talk about faith. But six months later, Leah and I are at the table and I’m confessing that God’s Word isn’t so clear.

But guess what? That’s when it’s even more important to press into your relationship with Him. Think of the relationships you’d let slip over this year. It’s no one’s fault, but not being in their presence or talking and texting as you used to has created a gap. Same thing with God. He hasn’t gone anywhere though. He’s right there with you.

Do This

Ask the Holy Spirit what is is that He has to say to you. Be ready for a response. Seriously, don’t ask if you really don’t want to know. He might blow your mind with a Word of direction or affirmation you never expected. But, because God only acts within His loving nature, everything He shares with you is out of love for you.

Time To Get Serious


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