🙏 “I Just Want To Stay Neutral.” Well, You Can’t.” 🙏

“I just want to stay neutral.” That’s a message I received about a post I shared. I didn’t reply back to force []

Sunday’s Message: Will Jesus Return During the Census?

Is Jesus coming back? Yep!!

How Is the Return of Christ Connected to the 2020 Census?

While lingering in the Spirit, God shared these truths with the instructions to share them with you. I don’t make any assumptions as I was only led to share, but here you go:

Get the Hell Out of Church

The true church has been set free from their favorite pews, Holy Spirit-imitating fog machines and high-priced guess speakers. This is not the church as God empowered it.

Sharing Really Good News!!!

This really should be our source for daily living. It’s the source of life, light and love and it’s always on and []

A Jew, a Catholic Priest and an Atheist Walk Into a Bar: Setting the Bar for Salvation

God knows you have needs, but He isn’t going to smash down your spiritual door like a SWAT team into a drug den. We simply open the door.

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