“PEOPLE I LOVE” Week – Day 2

People I Love Week

Renee Brinkley

Renee and me1

I love my sister Renee Brinkley for her friendship, spirituality, wisdom, and grace. Renee and I began a friendship in grade school, and continues today. Her depth of spiritual connection and conviction holds me in awe of each word she shares.

She is blessed with a natural beauty, drawing people to her. They are immediately struck by her positive energy, honesty, and sincerity. In all our years, I have never heard her raise her voice, though I have witnessed her put many hardened people in their place.

Renee serves as the Correction Division Commander managing the staffs at multiple detention facilities throughout her jurisdiction. Major Brinkley supervises the Warden and many other command staff personnel at a nationally accredited Sheriff’s Office.

Her compassion and honesty are her gifts. She is blessed with the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, and a joy to be around. No wonder she also shares a close friendship with Day 1’s subject, Dave Paul Thibodaux. Both possess the capacity for sharing unconditional friendship.

A wonderfully loving and nurturing mother to her own daughter, she easily won my son’s heart. He asks for her regularly as a 6 year olds best friend and supplier of endless chocolate ice cream. 

Renee and me

Enjoying many dear friends, she sincerely invests her life in each of those sharing her time and attention. Confiding each other’s burdens and concerns, she selflessly gives of her time and undivided attention.

God has blessed her with a gift and a burden of spiritual vision. Grieving or rejoicing for others known or unseen, she is a prayer warrior for the people placed upon her heart. She is loved by the people I love, and testifies for her capacity to give, to share, to serve as an ambassador for Christ.

Once and always the cheerleader, her endless energy and willingness to promote the good, the positive, and the best in everyone requires self-sacrifice. She enthusiastically makes that sacrifice.

I do not possess the talent to articulate the degree of respect, admiration, trust, and love I have for my Christian sister in this letter. I am led by the Holy Spirit to write this week’s series of “People I Love,” and could have easily dedicated each day to the relationship I am blessed to share with Renee.

Being the humble, sharing person she is, I know Renee would prefer that the other 4 days be spent demonstrating the thankfulness for those who I love and have blessed me.

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