I’m Fat – Week 2 & Joined by CopsAlive.com

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2010 @ 180 lbs

Blessed by a New Partnership

I posted this just 2 weeks ago for motivating myself to regain healthy habits, encourage others to join in by setting their own goals for holistic health, and creating a forum for sensible information and accountability.

cabloginfobuttonLast week, I spoke with John Marx at CopsAlive.com who offered to partner. They provide fantastic practical information ranging from health to spiritual survival. Our plan is to post every Monday. I will give you a brief update of my progress, CopsAlive.com will provide awesome information, and you guys will share your thoughts, progress, and challenges in the comments.

To catch the readers up at CopsAlive.com, I posted my first week’s goals and status here. Nothing overly scientific, just common sense and sensible. I’m looking forward to a healthy partnership with John and his staff at CopsAlive.com.

Week 2 Update is included below. Thanks and please join us by sharing your goals, challenges and updates.

The Original Post

I weighed a super healthy 180 lbs the day I was sworn in as the Chief of Police. One year later, I was at 225 lbs. Sound familiar? Granted, that first year as Chief also included my last year of a PhD program. Still, having dropped from a 260lbs powerlifter to a 180lbs triathlete (very recreational) showed I had the ability.

Christmas morning 2011, I hit the scale, and it hit back with a reading of 225 lbs. I stepped off determined to drop at least 20 lbs by my next birthday in March. Missed that goal.

One year later, I stepped on that same scale. In the one year since getting hit with a 45 lbs weight gain, I had lost a total of 0.6lbs. Yes, a slim 224.4 lbs was no consolation.

2011 @ 225lbs

2011 @ 225lbs

Compounding this additional weight was the annual visit to the ticker doctor. A shocking BP of 159/107. I was under order to drop 20 lbs and get the BP under control or it was meds time. Who me? a lifetime athlete always enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle? Yes.

So here I am 3 months later, bouncing between a low of 218 lbs and a bigger pants size, BP settling around mid 160s/107s and a bike still collecting dust.

I’m not going to post skin pics like a teenage girl wanting to fit into her spring break bikini. This is a thoughtful effort to hold myself accountable and build a network of others in need of motivation and helpful information for reclaiming the victory of health.

You and I are very similar. I’m not far from turning 50, and although living a full life, I know my best years await me. I want them to be healthy.

The Plan for Enjoying a Healthy Life

Here’s the plan. Each Monday I will post my progress. I’ll share my body weight, overall eating habit, levels of activity and whether or not I could squeeze the ring onto my right hand. My hands are an immediate barometer of weight. Hint; I cut my knuckle unscrewing it last week.

2012 @ 224.4

2012 @ 224.4

Nothing medical or technical, just common sense efforts for accountability.

I will ask for your support and teamwork to get my health back in control. I’m including the form below and ask you to set your own health goals. Also, I welcome anyone with sensible health advise to join the effort. I’m willing to include your practical information to my weekly posts.

Week 2 Recap:


220 lbs


– Met & exceeded goal of 4 days

– 2 – 45 minute walk around the university (everyone is buzzing about town, great energy to tap into)

– 1 – 30 minute cycling on indoor trainer (finishing load of clothes, so dryer added to room temp)

-1 – Free weights at the awesome new health complex on campus (State of the art)

-1 – 45 minute cardio session on machines.


– Avoided secretary’s desk candy dish

– Switched late night ice cream to froze yogurt

– Still eating every lunch & most diners out at restaurants (still VERY expensive)

– Overall, made improvements but with PLENTY of room to go.

– Oh yea, Major birthday bash over the weekend included great New Orleans dishes from Rio Mar.

BP & UNO Ring

-A few days left it at home, but squeezed it over the healing knuckle later in the week.

-BP still high but moving in right direction.

Monday – Sunday Goals:

– Weight at 218 lbs

– Cut back on extra portions & more meals at home

– Exercise 4 times with increasing duration

– Wear UNO ring without sawing into knuckle.

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  1. Hang in there my friend, I know you can make it.I am behind you all the way. Just work at getting that BP down. Good luck and God Bless. Mac

  2. Great job reaching your exercise goal!!

    I haven’t been so good. I made a goal at the start of this semester to run every mwf mornings before class. I want to finish the semester and look back knowing I did it consistently, and I’m also doin this in hopes that it will be a habit I carry into the future. Well, it rained a few mornings and, being that I run with my dog, I didn’t want him to be wet and stinky. I didn’t want to be wet and cold either, but he’s a 100 lb lab and no fun to bathe.

    Hopefully I can get back on track this week. I’m noticing improvements in my endurance and even in my breathing. (Honestly, one of the reasons I started was because I want an atheletic heart, meaning a really low resting heart rate, because I think it may be fun to freak some inexperienced health professionals out lol).

    I will tell you one thing that was stressed in our cardio and hypertension lectures is that walking/running is the most effective exercise for creating a lean body mass and lowering blood pressure. The goal is to have an elevated heart rate for about 30 mins, but don’t forget your warm up and cool down periods.

    Maybe with this extra accountability I will be able to crawl out of bed tomorrow at 4:30 and make up for my missed run today.

    • Thanks Amber,
      I started at NSU’s Rec Center & it is amazing. Despite the rain, ran (walked) there this morning. Of course I hammered down cake today for my birthday, but it’s once a year.
      Awesome that you are going to return to your running goal. Thanks again and yep; elevated BP for 30 minutes is the goal.

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