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NOTE: It’s Tour time and not all great biking news is happening in France. Here’s a great story of how bikes contribute in other ways
World Bicycle Relief has a mission: transforming individuals and their communities through the power of bicycles. A nonprofit dedicated to improving our world by bike?

Count us in. And we’d like to count you in, too. We’ll match every donation made to World Bicycle Relief in the month of July, worldwide.

World Bicycle Relief was founded in 2005 in response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami. In its first year, WBR partnered with aid organizations to deliver over 24,000 bikes to devastated Sri Lankans, restoring access to education and healthcare and reconnecting workers to their livelihood.

A continent away, aid organizations struggling with the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zambia took note of the successful bike deployment in Sri Lanka and approached World Bicycle Relief for assistance.

In partnership with local aid groups, WBR provided specially designed, locally assembled bikes to healthcare workers, greatly expanding their capacity to reach and treat patients.

WBR also trained field mechanics to build, maintain, and repair the Buffalo Bikes, so named after the rugged, hard-working African Buffalo.

Today, World Bicycle Relief offers programs in education, healthcare, social enterprise, and environmental restoration across Africa, all powered by bike.

To date, the organization has put over 137,000 bikes in the field and trained more than 800 field mechanics to keep the positive change rolling.

World Bicycle Relief calls the Buffalo Bike an engine for economic and cultural empowerment. The price for such a powerful force for change? Only $134 per bike, so even a modest donation goes a long way toward changing lives.

During the month of July, Trek will match every donation made to WBR through the link below, dollar for dollar. Join us, and together we’ll make the world better by bike!

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