I’m Shaping Up; Week 6

Do These

These Hurt

I’m Shaping Up; Week 6

It’s Monday and week #6 in my quest for regaining a healthy lifestyle.  I have to say that I still have a way to go but I figured out the secret.

Eat less of this –

Junk food & drink stall

and do more of this –

Of course it’s not that simple, but it helps from getting overwhelmed and for setting small obtainable goals. I’ve remained true to Lt. Lane’s diet and earned a “2 Hour Cheat” where I was allowed to eat anything and any amount.

I think the cheat is a mind trick, but I’m all about getting tricked today. I have an open invitation for CopsAlive.com’s John Marx when he’s close to New Orleans. An authentic Cajun meal to discuss our team efforts! Les Bon Temp Roule!!

I have to admit that I was disappointed. After 2 weeks of following a sensible, strategic nutrition plan, I though Sunday would be a major blow out for ice cream, pizza and M&Ms. It wasn’t.

My stomach has begun to shrink and made squeezing in a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough mire difficult than it was pleasurable. I tossed half the bag of M&Ms because I did not want to undo the progress i am so proud of. It’s such a mind game, and yesterday, Body Beat Mind.

honoringthedeadwhoservedbyrandysonofrobertIf you need the reality of why it’s critical to regain and retain top physical fitness, check out John’s feature on Preparing for a Line of Duty Death, Click Here

Week 6

Here’s to holding each other accountable when the couch looks inviting and the snacks endless.


– 213 lbs (I think it displayed 212.9 lbs but whose counting)


– Ran (intervals and steady paced jogging. Better time management allowed increase activity time).

– Short interval sessions on cardio machines to mix up routine.

– Played basketball to warm up before the weights. Like most of you, I grew up with a ball, glove or helmet in my hand depending on the season. The last time I could recall actually shooting a ball towards a goal was about 15 years ago! Don’t let life slip by.  Grab your kid’s basketball and your kids and go shoot some hoops.

– Played racquetball and even tried applying the rules. Something about keeping score. Right David?

– Weights 4 days. Mixing up moderate free weights and Cybex machines. Adding weight, but not to be macho, just healthy. STILL LOOKING for Exercise Advisor to Join the Team.


– The great thing about a diet plan that is spelled out is the planning & preparation. I ate 3 out of 5 lunches at restaurants, and for the 2nd week in a row – EVERY dinner at home!

– Overall, an awesome week of using food as fuel instead of comfort.

UNO Ring & BP

– Taking that ring off at will, and without the bloody knuckle! BP getting cozy in the 140s range. Consistency.

Monday – Sunday Goals:

– Weight at 210 lbs (I dropped more weight than expected last week, but must remain realistic and healthy)

– Eat sensible lunch at home 3 days

– Earn 2 hour food cheat at the end of next 14 days of this diet.

How are your efforts going? Don’t just read this and dismiss it. Make a commitment today. You have peer support, CopsAlive.com expertise, and a champion fitness advisor all ready to help.

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  1. You know, with the way your BP numbers are falling and the way you’re making me feel ashamed that I haven’t gone run in 3 weeks, you may not need an exercise advisor! Can’t hurt though lol.

    I’m impressed! Consistency really is key when it comes to training the heart muscle to beat stronger. A funny story about a little class assignment we had demonstrating vital signs’ norms under stress and rest: the “track star” in the class still had a higher heart rate and BP after running the stairs than the quiet little cross country runner. Guys like that skew results like no one’s business.

    On a side note, do you mind strutting across my brother a time or two? Maybe you can motivate him to get back to working out again (he played racquetball a lot by the way). He’s recently made move toward gaining a healthier lifestyle, but I’m his little sister, I like to push him a little lol.

  2. Scott I knew you could do this. Remember I am behind you all the way. Good to see the BP is dropping. Keep your chin up and always look forward. You can do it my friend.

  3. Correction: strut around in front of my brother, not across him. Please don’t walk on my brother 🙂 Ya gotta love those early morning posts!

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