Finish Well

Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

The young preacher finally had a chance to preach when he was asked to say a few words at an elderly gentlemen’s funeral. Using an allegory of a pecan he said, ”What we see here lying before us is only a shell. The old nut has gone.” Sometimes, what we really want to say doesn’t quite come out right.


I can assure you that you will be leaving your present job. I can also assure you, that you will be leaving this life on earth. Sooner or later, our tenure comes to an end, with no exceptions. Have you ever thought of how you will leave?

If we daily live well, we can almost be assured we will finish well. I daily rise and start my day with the Lord. It is a launching pad for my thoughts and actions for the day.

I speak with the Lord throughout the day, and I really believe what the scripture says, “The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord…”(Psalms 37:23). I have learned if I don’t take the first few minutes of my day to yield myself to the Lord, I personally run things my own way throughout the day and usually don’t finish it very well.


I challenge you to speak to Christ Jesus at the start of your day and then throughout as you go. Read daily in the bible to learn His ways. I guarantee that not only will your days be better, but your attitude, performance at work, and family will all take on a better dynamic. You will live well and you will finish well.

I am planning my legacy. I want the Lord to say “Well done My good and faithful servant. “ And I don’t want my friends and family saying, “The old nut is gone.”

Finish Well – By: Chaplain Ronnie Melancon

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