March Madness: Day 3 | Better Late Than Never!

March Madness: Day 3

Better late than never!

I have a dear friend who has been everything from an encourager to a no-nonsense accountability partner. I used to ask “Why now?” They laughed.

Why after so many years has God begun using me into my 50’s? Of course the answer is simple. I was a work in progress, and most of that work was breaking me free from everything that prevented Him from using me years earlier.

I’ve been divorced, was usually pretty hard-hearted because getting the mission accomplished was all I lived for, and regularly sacrificed friendships and relationships because I never felt like I was worthy of anyone else’s attention. I still get uncomfortable when people do kind things for me just because. But I’m working to become a better receiver of blessings.

But now I understand that if I hadn’t traveled a bent, dangerous, and sometimes dark path, then I wouldn’t be able to help guide those same type of men along their struggles. I’ve been blessed once I shed the facade of a measured life behind the badge.

The men’s ministry God led me to start has over 35,000 brothers world-wide, and it’s because He knew when to put me in the game that I’m able to relate to them in their faith walks, and sometimes stumbles.

I don’t ask my friend, “Why now?” anymore, and I don’t believe in better late than never. When life is lived in God’s timing, late is still great!

Do Good,





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