COVID-19: Making Everything Alright, Or At Least Better.


It’s easy to find yourself caught up in the panic. Watching social media all day for updates of infection and death data wears on the spirit. We enter into a swirl of doubt, dread, helplessness, fear and eventually despair. It doesn’t take long once you begin feeding your mind a constant diet of doom and gloom.

Some people are going to do desperate things because fear now has a grip on them. We understand and when what seems like a situation that has nothing to do with you now has you unable to find toilet paper or meat in your grocery store, it gets very real.

Selfie Favor

Do yourself a favor. Limit your time on social media. When you do go online, choose only sites that provide factual information, positive affirmations and are void of political bias. Try not focusing on what’s going on in other countries, and instead pay attention to your state, county, city, and your family. Trust us, you’re not missing out on anything because you stopped monitoring the global infection rate or latest debate.

Be cautious in your conversations so kids are not unnecessarily alarmed by opinions and forecasting based on fear and false data. Encourage one another and don’t assume because they’re silent means they’re okay.

Do This

Above all else, be kind to each other. Sure, sometimes stress makes us snap at the ones we love, but a quick apology can help heal a hurt heart. We’re all in this together no matter who you are or what you do. Stay mindful of your own emotions, those closest to you and don’t shy away from opportunities to show love to others you don’t know.

It’s going to be okay, so don’t allow fear to create a situation this virus never had the power to cause. This truly is the time to focus on facts over feelings and be a super decent human being. God will bless you and place His protective hedge of peace around you.

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