God Vision 2021: Global Resources

The Message

God told Leah and I to offer up the personal publishing business we’d built over the years to the public. She and I had assembled an incredible team of cover designers, editors, formatters, audiobook producers and project managers to manage publishing our own books that provided for our family.

God wanted us to use Five Stones Press to support His Kingdom instead. Obediently, we created a 501c3 nonprofit and announced we were available to publish books for Christian authors. Since then, God has placed us in relationship with wonderful writers.

The Challenge

Next, God called us to get out of our comfort zone by raising $100,000 to pay for publishing services for 20 pastors. He didn’t say who the pastors were, but that He would connect us to them and we were supposed to prepare to raise the $100,000 to sponsor their book writing, publishing and global distribution.

We are walking in faith that you’ll help us raise $100,000 to make God’s direction a reality. Imagine the joy of being a partner in helping 20 pastors write, publish and share their message across the world. Global churches are in desperate need of faith-based resources.

The Action

It’s simple; we cannot raise $100,000 without you. We need your help to fulfil God’s vision for 2021. Five Stones Church is a 501c3 and all tithes and donations are tax deductible. We ask for 4 things from you:

1. That you join us in praying for this vision. We feel an urgent need to get Christian resources out as far and wide as we can send it through these books.

2. That you partner with us financially by making a one-time donation or by becoming a monthly ministry partner. https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/FiveStonesChurch

3. That you share this with others who have a passion for God and giving.

4. That if you have a desire to get directly involved with this vision, you contact us directly at publish@fivestonespress.net

The Answer

We are believing on this and it’s only with your loving help that it’ll become a reality.

Thank you and God Bless You,

Scott & Leah


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