Don’t Savor the Flavor: Allowing God To Use You To Bless Others

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Don’t Savor the Flavor

Since I started doing the 30 Rock Faith Challenge, the Holy Spirit has been dropping truth bombs on me. While I wish they’d be lil tidbits about other people, like Leah; the reality is, most are about me. Well, to be more accurate, they all shine a halogen-bright light on areas of my life that could really use some scrubbing up.

Full Disclosure

Part of my scrubbing up involved a recent encounter. I’m going to share a complete conversation I had with the Holy Spirit. Now I know some people are not comfortable with the idea God speaks directly to us. I also know some people are freaked out by the reality that God, through the Holy Spirit lives within us.

I respect wherever you are in your faith walk but I pray you reject the false religions leading you to believe God is trapped inside a building with a church sign out front or that only people with oddly pale skin and very dark clothing can speak, summon, or channel God.

So, As The Story Continues…

I’m not an early riser as most of you know by our social media posts of the way we write books from 10:00pm till about 4:00am. God, being the good friend that He is, enjoys waking me up somewhere just before sunrise for two reasons.

1. So I know it’s Him

2. So I pay attention to only Him.

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Our Conversation

I’d been pressing into God for revealing to me the desires of my heart

(Psalm 37:4) and might’ve gotten a lil pushy. In response, I was awakened by the Holy Spirit in His usual gentle, loving way – “Scott. Wake up.” Seriously, this took a few occasions before I realized we weren’t being robbed by someone who wanted to let me know they were in our house. It was indeed, God.

Anyway, as I smiled with a whispered, “Good morning, Holy Spirit, He asked.

“What do you want to know?”

“I want to know what’s next?” I spoke.

“What would you like to do next?”

“I want to be an open vessel and pour into other people’s lives.” I replied.

“Do you really want to be an open vessel?”

“Yes, Holy Spirit.” I emphasized.

“Then why do you want to know what’s next?”

“So, I’ll know what you want me to do.” I thought I’d made the point clear.

“Open vessels don’t savor the flavor.”

“What?” I gasped.

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I know right. I sat up and decided I’d better actually pay attention because mostly it threw me off loop and Leah wasn’t awake to ask for her help. So, two things stuck with me:

1. The Holy Spirit had just dropped a rhyme – savor the flavor

2. I think I was being fussed at but wasn’t sure

If you’re weirded out by Holy Spirit conversations, I’m sure this true story has surely jacked you up. If you’ve been there, then you know exactly what I was dealing with. It was time to pray!


What God revealed was when we truly desire to serve others the way He serves us, He will provide the “oil” to anoint people and we don’t get to choose the flavor. That holy oil is whatever the blessing is for the other person. Maybe it’s a prophetic word, or word of correction; maybe it’s a financial blessing or strategic entrepreneurial advice; maybe it’s prayer for marriage, kids, health, healing, or faith.

No matter what their need is, God will use you to pour “oil” into other people’s lives, and it’s none of our business to who, what, when, where or why we are to pour out. In simple obedience, we are to be an open vessel.

Understanding His Word

I realized what the Holy Spirit meant when He said an open vessel doesn’t get to savor the flavor. I was pressing to know not only what I was to do next but what that next looked like. I wanted to peer down into the vessel to know what it was that I was supposed to pour out. In a non-biblical term, I was being nosey.

I’d begun to focus more on what service was going to look like instead of looking at serving as God likes. You see, if you’re waiting to pick and choose what you do for God then you’re not doing it for God. You’re doing it for yourself.

Cheering You On

I’d love to encourage you to trust God by living out your daily life with Him. Just like any relationship, it takes time together doing things that build the bonds of trust. Seriously, the Holy Spirit is so excited to hang out and do life together. Maybe if you listen, He’ll wake you up before sunrise. Maybe if you’re not as stubborn as I am, He’ll let you sleep in a little later.



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