FIT@50: Forgot The Powder

FIT@50: Forgot the Powder This week was what we like to refer to as Crazy Week. Not because life got out of []

FIT@50: What’s Life Over 50 Like?

If you ever want to experience the confidence shattering sensation of having every single thing you say and do examined under a critical microscope and launched back at you with a poo-poo shooter, then give law enforcement a try for a day.

FIT@50: Did You See That?

As a group of what looked like super model mixed company passed us, I peeked down at my supermarket flip flops. I laughed at the bottle opener built into the sole.

FIT@50: Two Pounds

FIT@50: Two Pounds This week I was watching the boys out back as they discovered a pile of Leah’s padded dumbbells. They []

FIT@50: Let Your Light Shine

Does that mean I failed? Not unless I try deceiving the people who trust me with their stories of the ups and downs of reclaiming their health.

FIT@50: An Odd Space For A Kettlebell

It’s an odd shackle when the devil tells you that there’s still too much work left to be done at the desk, and I shouldn’t leave Leah to go exercise.

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