FIT@50 / week 68

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FIT@50 / week 68
Talk, It’s What’s For Dinner:
Liliana Hart & I eat out. A Lot.
It’s what we do and what we enjoy. We work at home, so our chance to avoid being creepy homebodies is to go out and socialize with other humans. I love talking to people, so it’s a natural fit for me. I actually chased down the mail carrier to say hello.
The kids also eat out. A Lot.
It’s what they do, and what they enjoy. Besides it’s easier and much quicker to feed eight than to buy various foods to satisfy all. Plus – no dishes to clean up.
Then we bought a grill. Probably more on a dare than an actual desire to hang out in the Texas heat over an open flame.
Night 1 was sorta odd. We had to force the kids to come outside. They were like aliens leaving the mothership for the first time. The meat was cooked. A Lot.
Last night we had our final family feast BBQ, and not only was the food amazing, but the process of dinner time had become incredible as well. Over the weeks of cooking out almost every night, each kid found their niche from seasoning the meat to cleaning the grill. It was a joy to see their pride in doing their best and in contribution to the family good.
We’d spend hours outside in the preparation, grilling, eating and then talking. Yep, those were brakes screeching across your website – I said talking.
Liliana Hart & I’d just sit there, full of wonderful meat because we’re meat eaters, and watch, but mostly listen to little voices laughing, and reading to each other, or one would wander off into the dark imagining he was Ironman, while they watched lightening bugs spark throughout the wooded backyard.
I know she’d agree that no amount of travel, adventure or success has or ever will match the incredible summer our family spent outside.
We head to Europe for July, but it isn’t without heavy hearts and hesitation. So I ask the friends we’re going to visit and see during our work and play – if you have an outdoor BBQ grill, how about we avoid the fancy French cafe’s and toss some beef across a flame!
Do Good,
Scott Silverii
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  1. Nothing better than a barbecue to bring a family together. If you ever need tips, let me know. I’m something of a master. Mostly cow but I can grill some mean pig… Oh, and my chicken is absolutely perfect.

    My cycling friends and I grill out every now and again – a perfect way to spin yarns about past rides. Great post, man.

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