I’m Shaping Up; Week 7


I’m Shaping Up; Week 7

213, 137, 99 – HIKE! While losing a healthy level of fitness is not a game, it is fun and challenging to develop creative ways to regain it.

Racquetball, stadiums, dodge ball(?) Yep. Actually I watched.

I have mostly maintained strict adherence to Lt. Lane’s diet plan, but when the Kiddo is asking for his traditional Thursday night out at his favorite pizza place, I did have part of a child’s pepperoni. Of course, I’m not the reigning Ms. Louisiana like Kim is, so I ate it without guilt.

Back to the fun parts. Those huddle numbers are my weight, and BP. I’m stoked to see my numbers enter this range. Took the BP after a neighbor called to say there was a peacock in the back yard.

Now if that doesn’t get your BP up, then nothing will. But even after a few fence climbing adventures to spot the elusive bird, and making sure the neighbor’s dog did not eat it, those numbers are much improved.

Also; Check out this great article at CopsAlive.com about police stress CLICK HERE

Super Dodge Ball

Week 7

Here’s to holding each other accountable when the couch looks inviting and the snacks endless.


– 213 lbs (Was at 219.6 lbs in week, but whose counting? I Am!!)


– Give you the quick over view, D-Ball game starts in 20 minutes. Another consistent week of smart and safe exercise. Pre-planning meals affords more control over time, so I have been able to wake up earlier to get my training in when I know there is work related duties in the evening. – Running (jogging actually), weight lifting and a variety of sports to make it fun.


– The great thing about a diet plan that is spelled out is the planning & preparation. I have had a little difficulty eating all the food required each day. that is an ironic claim to have trouble eating ALL THAT FOOD while on a strict diet. But it is true.

– Overall, an awesome week of using food as fuel instead of comfort.

UNO Ring & BP

– Taking that ring off at will, and without the bloody knuckle! BP getting cozy in the 130s range. Consistency.

Monday – Sunday Goals:

– I will be challenged this week. I’ll be in San Fran & Sacramento all week presenting a workshop for cops. Hotel living “was” fun for college spring breaks, but it makes exercise and eating right a chore. I’ve packed food and charted out running paths. I hope to not lose stride when mixed with the crew.

– Weight at 212 lbs (I have to be realistic and try to maintain where I am)

– Make sensible food choices since every meal will be eaten in restaurants and airports.

How are your efforts going? Don’t just read this and dismiss it. Make a commitment today. You have peer support, CopsAlive.com expertise, and a champion fitness advisor all ready to help.

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      • I believe you wholeheartedly now. I’m sorry to have doubted you. Thought the diet may have made you loopy lol, but my brother responded to a call that night involving a peacock. It went up to roost in a tree before they could get it.

  1. Scott I am proud of you and the success you are making. Glad to see the BP is falling. That is one of the most important factors of your program. My body aches with pain every time I see you working out in the gym. Never like exercise such at that. Keep going my friend you can make it.

  2. Great job Scott. You can do your fitness even when away from home. My idea when away is not so much to lose weight but just maintain what u have already accomplished. Most hotels have some type of fitness center and good protein snacks will help you get through those long days. Keep up the good work because as you know the result of Kims diet and exercize plans really work.

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