Fit by 50 / wk 1

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Last year I began a weekly series chronicling my efforts to reclaim a healthy lifestyle while even in a stress filled occupation. I’d set defined goals and developed a plan to accomplish them.

With the help of great friends and folks who signed on to share their knowledge, experiences and challenges it was a success.

I might have a slid a bit on the weight goal – let’s call it ice cream, but now I’m knocking on 50’s door.

I’ve got clear goals to accomplish by the time I kick right through that half-century mark. I’m not sweating it. I’m embracing this good-bye to 40’s tour.

I also want to be realistic about the challenges and blessings of moving forward in a healthy lifestyle.

One goal is to make each week my #FitBy50 Friday. I won’t bore you with how many reps or miles or the cool WOD at crossfit. This will be a smart approach that you can share, comment, contribute or join with your own health goals.

Whether you’re turning 50 or 15, we all perform better with a clear goal, proper instruction, and peer support/participation. Let’s just begin with this intro and a commitment to set a few attainable goals over the coming months.

Next #FitBy50 Friday, we will begin to put those goals onto paper and into action.


Lock and Load – who’s with me?



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  1. You’ve done it before, and will have no problem reaching your next goal, no matter what it is, as long as you do so with patience, determination, and faith. Good for you for getting back on track and seeking accountability — you’ve tons of supporters cheering you on and sticking right with ya!

  2. You can do it. We all have faith in you. Just take one day at a time. Thanks for everything you do.

  3. Good on you for sharing and inspiring others, Scott! I’m 50, and just joined a gym after having promised myself years ago that I’d never do that again. I always had physically strenuous jobs, and used them to get my exercise. Then I got laid off, and I’m discovering that at 50, I don’t *want* strenuous jobs any more! So now I’m figuring out exactly where I am for fitness, but the only goal I’ve set so far is improvement, which won’t take much to meet! It’s partly because of your enthusiasm that I’m doing this, too, so thank you! Ha! Typing just doesn’t burn as many calories as you might think! 🙂

    • Amen Andrea – If texting and typing were the key, we’d be a slim/fit nation. Thumb mashing the Nintendo has seemed to replace playing outside.

      I’m working on the measurables also, but like you – improvement is desired. Consistent improvement. Thank you much. Scott

  4. 50? You’re just a baby, man — (that’s from an old Diggable Planets song). I’ll be following along! My only goal is consistency. I’m still working on the measurable part.

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