Fit by 50 / wk 4


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Week 4. Really, week 4 already. That only leaves XX weeks until the Big 50. Whose counting anyway.

A funny thing happened at crossfit this week. Actually several things happened, but I’ll keep hush on those. We worked to find our max weight in squats.

That means how much weight can you lay across the back of your shoulders and scream while you bend down and back up. People take pride loading the bar with heavy plates until it bends. It’s all really very cool – or at least it was 20 years ago.

Mind you, I had spinal surgery this March – Titanium and all. But hey, it’s what us dudes do. I loaded the bar, set my shoulders, pressed upward. What in the world was I doing? The sensible side of exercising kicked in at the last moment, but I was close.

No matter, we hammered a 2000 meter rowing machine and then fell out on the matt like any respectable mature man would do.

What did I accomplish this week? Boundaries.

This doesn’t mean limits to great exercises, but it does mean there are somethings that I shouldn’t do. Was my ego bruised a bit? I’d be fibbing if I said no. Bonus was that I did go on to enjoy a great supper out with family and friends that night without injury or pain. See? I’ve evolved.



1. Maintain sensible diet {I SLID a bit}

2. Exercise at least 4 times next week {Check ++}

3. Buy new scale but not obsess over readings. {No, not yet}

4. Encourage you to join me and share experience and commitments. {Check}

5. Be positive about the quest for fitness. {Check}

6. Don’t get all Fan Boy over crossfit. {Check. Kidding, I’m still enjoying pushing my mind beyond my physical abilities}

What are your goals and victories?



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  1. You raise a very important point. I think we have to know our individual limitations when it comes to exercise, but without creating imaginary limitations as an excuse why we should not exercise – unfortunately the latter can be an easier option than facing up to the task itself.
    I used to find that when I was working out I’d be constantly thinking about how much longer the session had to go. Now I try to concentrate on the sense of freedom of movement and power in each exercise and not only do I enjoy it more, but the time seems to fly!
    Keep up the good work!.

  2. I beat you, Scott! I got a new scale today, and with modern tech what it is, even a $30 bathroom scale can now measure body fat percentage. Now can track both those numbers, and hope to see improvement.
    I also have to watch the neck and back; no surgery, but several cumulative injuries. A poorly done move will seize up my lumbars and make my legs go numb, so proper form is really important to me. That also makes me kind of a coward about trying unfamiliar things.
    Glad prudence won out on your squats! You competitive folks have more trouble with those boundaries than non-competitive folks. 🙂

      • The hard headed part is a boon right up to the point that you injure yourself! As long as you stop short, your hard head will be OK, and you can use it to push through nonsense. 🙂

      • Oh, man! I think by the time you’re 50, you’re supposed to know better!! I bet you competitive folks buy more ibuprofen than the rest of us. I’m going to exercise at home today instead of at the gym. The Pentagon Channel’s Fit for Duty program has some fun workouts that I can do at home. Made my goal of at least 4 times a week, and sensible food!

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