FITx50 | wk 8

2014-09-06 21.12.15-1

I’m a romance novel cover model – Really?

Those writer’s conferences can get pretty wild, but you know fiction is crazier than reality. Hu?

Speaking of conferences and fitness, I spent last weekend in North Carolina to present classes to amazing authors at the Writer’s Police Academy. It was a wonderful event as always. Even tough the pace was hectic and non-stop smoozing  – I did find time to exercise.

As far as eating right, well not so much. But no worries – I redeemed myself with a full week of fitness.

We are closing in on our Warrior Dash to raise money for cancer research. The Cops-n-Kilts campaign kicked off with a what else? Kilt. Not just a regular old authentic kilt, but a Sports Kilt – Bet Braveheart wished he had one of those in the day.


1. Maintain sensible diet {Check}

2. Exercise at least 4 times next week {Check++}

3. Buy new scale but not obsess over readings. {No longer a factor or temptation}

4. Encourage you to join me and share experience and commitments. {Share what was your favorite exercise this week}

5. Be positive about the quest for fitness. {Check – easy to be positive about feeling loose, limber and healthy}

6. No box jumps this week, but some crazy burpie pull ups. Oh, and i bought a pair of those crazy finger toe shoes. Dont ask why.

2014-09-10 09.39.17

Cops-N-Kilts News:

We have partnered with mega-author Liliana Hart to raise money funding cancer research. Please consider donating what you are moved to do. If you can’t give, we appreciate sharing the website and the positive word. BTW – She’s also running the course. Since we are all wearing GoPro cameras, I’ll be sure her worldwide audience gets plenty of mud-packed action.

T-Shirts are also available for sale, with all proceeds going toward our goal of $5,000.

To buy a shirt, or sponsor your favorite Cops and Writers, click HERE



FITx50 | wk 8

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  1. Ha! If you guys can wear kilts and bust your asses, I can donate. Officer Melancon looks good in a skirt….er…kilt, and it should be part of his uniform. Love the romance cover!!
    I was also out of town last weekend, and didn’t exercise. Diet stayed pretty good, though. I can now tell you the value of the scale; when exercise seems to not be progressing, the scale still tells the tale. I’ve lost 25 pounds in the last 8 weeks. I’d rather see progress on the weights, but at least it’s progress somewhere! Funny thing, the gym aggravates a back condition, but Fiona Quinn nudged me into belly dancing, and I found that if I alternate the belly dancing exercises with the gym, my poor back really appreciates it! Exercise is not one size fits all; we have to be creative!

    Good job sticking with your goals with a demanding schedule! I’m looking forward to the video from the Warrior Dash!

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