FITx50 | week 10

2014-09-24 09.59.55

Fight Like a Girl

Thinking through this week’s update, I took this picture of Lori Cortez at work. We often kid at the office and were working on a fund-raiser by selling the bracelets she’s modeling. BTW they read MAN ENOUGH TO WEAR PINK and SAVE 2nd BASE.

Then she said, “It’s already been a year.” as she turned her head away. I knew what she meant. It wasn’t spoken but her eyes glistened with the significance of her diagnosis just a year ago.

I’ve not once in that year heard her moan or groan about the aggressive treatments and surgeries she underwent. The smile above is the smile I’ve always seen.

Is she turning 50? Oh gosh no, she’d kill me if I led you to believe that. But her story inspires me. It’s warriors like her who march daily through the difficulties of this life with a single determined ideal – FAITH.

I’m blessed to have people encourage me in regaining my healthy lifestyle as 50 fast approaches. I’m most blessed by people like Lori and so many others who FAITHFULLY march daily toward the prize. Toward recovery, remission, or rehabilitation. They march with this smile.

My Goals have been met this week. I’ll add another key benchmark to my quest – Smile Marching.

Thanks for the inspiration Lori. – Now back to work.


Cops-N-Kilts News:

The partnership with mega-author Liliana Hart to raise money funding cancer research has kicked off and doing great. We’ve added new team members and the energy is growing. Please be a part of the effort. I promise, after the Warrior Dash (Oct 11) there will be plenty of great video to share.

I’m still not sure how she convinced us all to wear GoPro cameras – Oh the suffering.



T-Shirts are also available for sale, with all proceeds going toward our goal of $5,000.

To buy a shirt, or sponsor your favorite Cops and Writers, click HERE




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  1. I just returned to school this week, and discovered that my program instructor was diagnosed with cancer over the summer, and had a large tumor in his chest, pushing on his heart and one lung. His surgery went well and he’s expected to make full recovery, and he’s very positive and upbeat, despite being somewhat tired and weak. I think we’ll all be doing what we can to help him out this quarter!
    My scale is continuing downward, 29 pounds so far. I’ve now lost more than what I gained when I got laid off. I’ve also added the 100 pushups in 6 weeks challenge to my gym activities. I’ll have to watch that I don’t let class time deter me from exercise.
    I am looking forward to that gopro video!! 🙂

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